Defines functions bwr_projects_get

Documented in bwr_projects_get

#' Get Brandwatch project data
#' #' Read the Brandwatch documentation for this API call
#' at https://developers.brandwatch.com/docs/retrieving-projects
#' @param token
#' The Brandwatch token, which will be automatically available via environment
#' arguments provided you run bwr_auth() prior to any other functions.
#' @param target
#' (Optional) the target for your query. If not specified, results will include
#' all available projects for the authenticated user and all available data for each project.
#' If 'summary', results will be a more simplified list of projects and excludes richer data such as query links.
#' @return
#' Returns a data frame of project data.
#' @export
#' @examples
#' \dontrun{my_projects <- bwr_get_projects(target = 'summary')}

bwr_projects_get <- function(target = NULL, token = Sys.getenv("BW_TOKEN")) {
    if (length(token) != 1 || class(token) != "character")
        stop("Token object does not appear to be a character vector of length one. Please re-run bwr_auth() to obtain a token")

    url <- paste0("https://api.brandwatch.com/projects/", target)
    r <- httr::GET(url, query = list(access_token = token))

    # Parse the results and return
    con <- httr::content(r, "text")
    json <- jsonlite::fromJSON(con)
    results <- json$results

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