broman: Karl Broman's R Code

Miscellaneous R functions, including functions related to graphics (mostly for base graphics), permutation tests, running mean/median, and general utilities.

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AuthorKarl W Broman <>, with contributions from Aimee Teo Broman
Date of publication2016-12-01 08:28:25
MaintainerKarl W Broman <>

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Man pages

add_commas: Add commas to a large number

arrowlocator: Use the locator function to plot an arrow

attrnames: Get names of attributes

brocolors: Vectors of colors for figures

bromanversion: Installed version of R/broman

cf: Compare objects, including missing data pattern

chisq: Chi-square test by simulation for a two-way table

colwalpha: Convert a color to use alpha transparency

compare_rows: Compare rows in a matrix

convert2hex: Convert decimal to hex

done: Send a short message via RPushbullet.

dotplot: Dot chart with a gray background

errors2pushbullet: Send further errors to pushbullet

excel_fig: Excel-style figure displaying contents of a matrix

exit: exit R without saving

fac2num: Convert a factor to numeric

fisher: Fisher's exact test for a two-way table

grayplot: Plot with a gray background

h: View html version of help file

hex2dec: Convert from hex to decimal

histlines: Utility to create line-based histogram

jiggle: Jiggle points horizontally

kbdate: My little date facility

lenuniq: Number of unique values

make: Run make within a package directory

manyboxplot: Boxplot-like figure for many groups

maxabs: maximum of absolute value

mypairs: My scatterplot matrix

myround: Round a number, preserving extra 0's

normalize: Quantile normalization

note: Send a note to pushbullet

numbers: Numbers spelled out in English

objectsizes: Calculate sizes of all objects in workspace

openfile: Open a file

paired.perm.test: Paired permutation t-test

paste.: paste with dot separator

paste00: paste with null or dot as separator and with collapse

perm.test: Permutation t-test

plot_crayons: Illustration of crayon colors

pushbullet_devices: Grab info on Pushbullet devices.

qqline2: qqline for qqplot

qr2: The QR decomposition of a matrix

quantileSE: Sample quantiles and their standard errors

revrainbow: Create vector of colors from blue to red

rmvn: Simulate multivariate normal

runningmean: Running mean, sum, or median

runningratio: Running ratio

setRNGparallel: Set up random number generation for parallel calculations

simp: Numerical integration

stop_sending_errors: Stop sending errors to pushbullet

strwidth2lines: Calculate width of a character string in number of lines

strwidth2xlim: Calculate horizontal limit in user coordinates for adding...

switchv: Vectorized version of switch

theme_karl: Karl's ggplot2 theme

triarrow: Plot an arrow within a Holmans triangle

trilines: Plot lines within a Holmans triangle

triplot: Plot Holmans triangle

tripoints: Plot points within a Holmans triangle

venn: Plot to-scale Venn diagram

winsorize: Winsorize a vector

xlimlabel: Calulate horizontal limit in user coordinates for adding...


add_commas Man page
arrowlocator Man page
attrnames Man page
brocolors Man page
bromanversion Man page
cf Man page
cf.default Man page
cf.list Man page
chisq Man page
colwalpha Man page
compare_rows Man page
convert2hex Man page
dec2hex Man page
done Man page
dotplot Man page
errors2pushbullet Man page
excel_fig Man page
exit Man page
fac2num Man page
fisher Man page
grayplot Man page
h Man page
hex2dec Man page
histlines Man page
jiggle Man page
karl_theme Man page
kbdate Man page
lenuniq Man page
make Man page
manyboxplot Man page
maxabs Man page
mypairs Man page
myround Man page
normalize Man page
note Man page
numbers Man page
Numbers Man page
objectsizes Man page
openfile Man page
paired.perm.test Man page
paste. Man page
paste.. Man page
paste.0 Man page
paste0. Man page
paste00 Man page
perm.test Man page
plot_crayons Man page
pushbullet_devices Man page
qqline2 Man page
qr2 Man page
quantileSE Man page
revrainbow Man page
rmvn Man page
runningmean Man page
runningratio Man page
setRNGparallel Man page
simp Man page
stop_sending_errors Man page
strwidth2lines Man page
strwidth2xlim Man page
switchv Man page
theme_karl Man page
trap Man page
triarrow Man page
trilines Man page
triplot Man page
tripoints Man page
unsetRNGparallel Man page
venn Man page
winsorize Man page
xlimlabel Man page


tests/testthat/test-switchv.R tests/testthat/test-hex2dec.R tests/testthat/test-runningmean.R tests/testthat/test-fac2num.R tests/testthat/test-maxabs.R tests/testthat/test-add_commas.R tests/testthat/test-winsorize.R tests/testthat/test-kbdate.R tests/testthat/test-lenuniq.R tests/testthat/test-myround.R tests/testthat/test-compare_rows.R
R/qr.R R/brocolors.R R/histlines.R R/qqline2.R R/fisher.R R/revrainbow.R R/add_commas.R R/myround.R R/pushbullet.R R/numbers.R R/excel_fig.R R/openfile.R R/jiggle.R R/fac2num.R R/objectsizes.R R/setRNGparallel.R R/exit.R R/theme_karl.R R/kbdate.R R/colwalpha.R R/holmans_triangle.R R/runningmean.R R/strwidth2lines.R R/simp.R R/rmvn.R R/switchv.R R/maxabs.R R/permtest.R R/make.R R/pastedot.R R/compare_rows.R R/grayplot.R R/help.R R/xlimlabel.R R/manyboxplot.R R/convert2hex.R R/util.R R/attrnames.R R/normalize.R R/cf.R R/dotplot.R R/strwidth2xlim.R R/winsorize.R R/arrowlocator.R R/quantileSE.R R/venn_diagram.R R/lenuniq.R R/mypairs.R
man/perm.test.Rd man/mypairs.Rd man/plot_crayons.Rd man/compare_rows.Rd man/qqline2.Rd man/brocolors.Rd man/theme_karl.Rd man/exit.Rd man/myround.Rd man/winsorize.Rd man/h.Rd man/triarrow.Rd man/attrnames.Rd man/dotplot.Rd man/revrainbow.Rd man/paste..Rd man/stop_sending_errors.Rd man/fac2num.Rd man/switchv.Rd man/tripoints.Rd man/quantileSE.Rd man/colwalpha.Rd man/pushbullet_devices.Rd man/openfile.Rd man/runningmean.Rd man/objectsizes.Rd man/fisher.Rd man/hex2dec.Rd man/grayplot.Rd man/simp.Rd man/manyboxplot.Rd man/runningratio.Rd man/paired.perm.test.Rd man/histlines.Rd man/strwidth2xlim.Rd man/qr2.Rd man/make.Rd man/strwidth2lines.Rd man/jiggle.Rd man/arrowlocator.Rd man/done.Rd man/numbers.Rd man/xlimlabel.Rd man/chisq.Rd man/setRNGparallel.Rd man/triplot.Rd man/cf.Rd man/paste00.Rd man/convert2hex.Rd man/normalize.Rd man/errors2pushbullet.Rd man/kbdate.Rd man/maxabs.Rd man/add_commas.Rd man/lenuniq.Rd man/trilines.Rd man/venn.Rd man/excel_fig.Rd man/rmvn.Rd man/bromanversion.Rd man/note.Rd

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