Man pages for broman
Karl Broman's R Code

add_commasAdd commas to a large number
align_vectorsAlign two vectors
arrowlocatorUse the locator function to plot an arrow
attrnamesGet names of attributes
brocolorsVectors of colors for figures
bromanversionInstalled version of R/broman
cfCompare objects, including missing data pattern
chisqChi-square test by simulation for a two-way table
ciplotEffect plot with multiple CIs for different groups
colwalphaConvert a color to use alpha transparency
compare_rowsCompare rows in a matrix
convert2hexConvert decimal to hex
crayonsCrayon colors
dotplotDot chart with a gray background
excel_figExcel-style figure displaying contents of a matrix
exitexit R without saving
fac2numConvert a factor to numeric
fisherFisher's exact test for a two-way table
get_precisionDetermine the precision of a number
grayplotScatterplot with a gray background
grayplot_naScatterplot with missing values indicated
hView html version of help file
hex2decConvert from hex to decimal
histlinesUtility to create line-based histogram
jiggleJiggle points horizontally
kbdateMy little date facility
lenuniqNumber of unique values
makeRun make within a package directory
manyboxplotBoxplot-like figure for many groups
maxabsmaximum of absolute value
mypairsMy scatterplot matrix
myroundRound a number, preserving extra 0's
normalizeQuantile normalization
notinValue matching
numbersNumbers spelled out in English
objectsizesCalculate sizes of all objects in workspace
openfileOpen a file
paired.perm.testPaired permutation t-test
paste.paste with dot separator
paste00paste with null or dot as separator and with collapse
perm.testPermutation t-test
pick_more_precisePick the more precise value for each element in two related...
plot_crayonsIllustration of crayon colors
qqline2qqline for qqplot
qr2The QR decomposition of a matrix
quantileSESample quantiles and their standard errors
revgrayCreate vector of colors from white to black
revrainbowCreate vector of colors from blue to red
rmvnSimulate multivariate normal
runningmeanRunning mean, sum, or median
runningratioRunning ratio
setRNGparallelSet up random number generation for parallel calculations
simpNumerical integration
spell_outSpell out an integer
strwidth2linesCalculate width of a character string in number of lines
strwidth2xlimCalculate horizontal limit in user coordinates for adding...
switchvVectorized version of switch
theme_karlKarl's ggplot2 theme
triarrowPlot an arrow within a Holmans triangle
trigridAdd grid lines to triplot
trilinesPlot lines within a Holmans triangle
triplotPlot Holmans triangle
tripointsPlot points within a Holmans triangle
tritextPlot text within a Holmans triangle
twocolorpalCreate vector of colors from blue to white to red
vec2stringTurn a vector into a single character string
vennPlot to-scale Venn diagram
winsorizeWinsorize a vector
xlimlabelCalulate horizontal limit in user coordinates for adding...
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