Man pages for bs4Dash
A 'Bootstrap 4' Version of 'shinydashboard'

attachmentBlockAdminLTE3 attachment container
bs4AccordionCreate a Bootstrap 4 accordion
bs4AccordionItemCreate a Bootstrap 4 accordion item
bs4AlertCreate a Bootstrap 4 alert
bs4BadgeCreate a Bootstrap 4 dashboard badge item
bs4BoxAdminLTE3 simple box
bs4CalloutCreate a Bootstrap 4 callout
bs4CardCreate a Boostrap 4 card
bs4CarouselCreate a Bootstrap 4 carousel
bs4CarouselItemCreate a Bootstrap 4 carousel item
bs4DashBodyCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard body
bs4DashControlbarCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard right sidebar
bs4DashControlbarItemAlias to bs4DashControlbarItem See bs4DashControlbarItem for...
bs4DashControlbarMenuAlias to bs4DashControlbarMenu See bs4DashControlbarMenu for...
bs4DashFooterCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard footer
bs4DashGalleryLaunch the bs4Dash Gallery
bs4DashNavbarCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard navbar
bs4DashPageCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard page
bs4DashSidebarCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar
bs4DropdownMenuCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard dropdown menu
bs4DropdownMenuItemCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard dropdown menu item
bs4InfoBoxBoostrap 4 info box
bs4InfoBoxOutputAlias to bs4InfoBoxOutput See bs4InfoBoxOutput for full...
bs4InsertTabInsert a bs4TabPanel in a bs4TabSetPanel
bs4JumbotronBS4 jumbotron for AdminLTE3
bs4ListGroupBS4 list group for AdminLTE3
bs4ListGroupItemBS4 list group item for AdminLTE3
bs4LoadingAdminLTE3 loading state element
bs4ProgressBarCreate a Bootstrap 4 progress bar
bs4QuoteCreate a Boostrap 4 block quote
bs4RemoveTabRemove a bs4TabPanel in a bs4TabSetPanel
bs4RibbonCreate a Boostrap 4 ribbon
bs4SidebarHeaderCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar header
bs4SidebarMenuCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar menu
bs4SidebarMenuItemCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar menu item
bs4SidebarMenuSubItemCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar menu sub-item
bs4SidebarUserPanelCreate a Boostrap 4 dashboard main sidebar user panel
bs4SocialCardAdminLTE3 social card
bs4SortableBS4 sortable section
bs4StarsAdminLTE3 stars
bs4TabCardCreate a Boostrap 4 tabCard
bs4TabItemOne tab to put inside a tab items container
bs4TabItemsA container for tab items
bs4TableCreate a Boostrap 4 table container
bs4TableItemCreate a Boostrap 4 table item
bs4TableItemsCreate a Boostrap 4 table item row
bs4TabPanelCreate a tabPanel
bs4TabSetPanelCreate a tabSetPanel
bs4TimelineAdminLTE3 timeline block
bs4TimelineEndAdminLTE3 timeline ending point
bs4TimelineItemAdminLTE3 timeline item
bs4TimelineItemMediaAdminLTE2 timeline media item
bs4TimelineLabelAdminLTE3 timeline label
bs4TimelineStartAdminLTE3 timeline starting point
bs4UserCardAdminLTE3 widget user card
bs4UserMenuCreate a Bootstrap 4 user profile.
bs4ValueBoxBoostrap 4 value box
bs4ValueBoxOutputCreate a value box output (client side)
cardCommentBS4 card comment container
cardPadAdminLTE3 vertical block container
cardProfileAdminLTE3 card profile
cardProfileItemAdminLTE3 card profile item
cardProfileItemListAdminLTE3 card profile item container
columnBoostrap 4 column system
descriptionBlockAdminLTE3 description block
dropdownDividerCreate a box dropdown divider
dropdownItemCreate a box dropdown item
dropdownItemListCreate a box dropdown item list
getAdminLTEColorsGet all AdminLTE colors.
ioniconBS4 ionicons
renderbs4InfoBoxAlias to renderbs4InfoBox See renderbs4InfoBox for full...
renderbs4ValueBoxCreate a value box (server side)
tagAssertAssert that a tag has specified properties
updatebs4Cardupdate an AdminLTE3 card from the server side
updatebs4ControlbarFunction to programmatically toggle the state of the...
updatebs4ControlbarMenuAlias to updatebs4ControlbarMenu See updatebs4ControlbarMenu...
updatebs4SidebarFunction to programmatically toggle the state of the sidebar
updatebs4TabItemsChange the selected sidebar tab on the client
updatebs4TabSetPanelUpdate a bs4TabSetPanel
userMessageAdminLTE3 user message
userMessagesAdminLTE3 user message container
userPostAdminLTE3 user post
userPostMediaAdminLTE2 user post media
userPostTagItemAdminLTE3 user post tool item
userPostTagItemsAdminLTE3 user post tool item container
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