Defines functions activities_to_eventlog

Documented in activities_to_eventlog

#' Create event log from list of activity instances
#' @description
#' `r lifecycle::badge("superseded")`
#' This function is superseded. For new code we recommend using activitylog() to create an activitylog, and if needed to_eventlog() to transform it into an eventlog.
#' @param activity_log A data.frame where each row is an activity instances
#' @param case_id Column name of the case identifier
#' @param activity_id Column name of the activity identifier
#' @param resource_id Column name of the resource identifier
#' @param timestamps A vector of column names containing different timestamp. To column names will be transformed to lifecycle identifiers
#' @inheritParams eventlog
#' @keywords internal
#' @export
activities_to_eventlog <- function(activity_log,
								   order = "auto") {

	lifecycle::signal_stage(stage = "superseded", "activities_to_eventlog()")

				case_id = case_id,
				activity_id = activity_id,
				resource_id = resource_id,
				timestamps = timestamps,
				order = order) %>%


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