Man pages for canprot
Chemical Composition of Differential Protein Expression

canprotAmino Acid Compositions of Human Proteins
canprot-packageDifferential Expression of Proteins in Cancer
check_IDCheck UniProt IDs
CLESCommon Language Effect Size
diffplotPlot Compositional Differences
EhplotPlot Eh
get_colorsGet Colors
get_comptabCalculate Compositional Differences
get_pdatGet Protein Data
groupplotsPlot Potential Diagrams for Groups of Datasets
lapply_canprotParallel Computation
pdat_Get Protein Data
protcompProtein Compositions
rankdiffWeighted Difference of Sums of Ranks
rankplotPlot Ranking of Chemical Affinities
remove_entriesRemove Data Entries
xsummarySummarize Compositional Differences
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