caretEnsemble: Ensembles of Caret Models

Functions for creating ensembles of caret models: caretList and caretStack. caretList is a convenience function for fitting multiple caret::train models to the same dataset. caretStack will make linear or non-linear combinations of these models, using a caret::train model as a meta-model, and caretEnsemble will make a robust linear combination of models using a glm.

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AuthorZachary A. Deane-Mayer [aut, cre], Jared E. Knowles [aut]
Date of publication2016-02-07 10:50:09
MaintainerZachary A. Deane-Mayer <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

autoplot: Convenience function for more in-depth diagnostic plots of...

bestPreds: Extract the best predictions from a train object

caretEnsemble: caretEnsemble: Make ensembles of caret models.

caretList: Create a list of several train models from the caret package...

caretModelSpec: Generate a specification for fitting a caret model

caretStack: Combine several predictive models via stacking

c.caretList: S3 definition for concatenating caretList

check_bestpreds_indexes: Check row indexes

check_bestpreds_obs: Check observeds

check_bestpreds_preds: Check predictions

check_bestpreds_resamples: Check resamples

check_caretList_classes: Checks caretList model classes

check_caretList_model_types: Checks that caretList models are all of the same type.

c.train: S3 definition for concatenating train objects

data: caretList of classification models

dotplot.caretStack: Comparison dotplot for a caretStack object

extractBestPreds: Extract the best predictions from a list of train objects

extractCaretTarget: Extracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...

extractCaretTarget.default: Extracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...

extractCaretTarget.formula: Extracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...

extractModelTypes: Extracts the model types from a list of train model

extractModFrame: Extract a dataframe of all predictors used in a caretEnsemble...

extractModRes: Extract the model accuracy metrics of the individual models...

fortify: Supplement the data fitted to a caret ensemble model with...

is.caretEnsemble: Check if an object is a caretEnsemble object

is.caretList: Check if an object is a caretList object

is.caretStack: Check if an object is a caretStack object

makePredObsMatrix: Make a prediction matrix from a list of models

methodCheck: Check that the methods supplied by the user are valid caret...

metrics: Extract accuracy metrics from a model

multiResiduals: Calculate the residuals from all component models of a...

plot.caretEnsemble: Plot Diagnostics for an caretEnsemble Object

plot.caretStack: Plot a caretStack object

predict.caretList: Create a matrix of predictions for each of the models in a...

predict.caretStack: Make predictions from a caretStack

print.caretStack: Print a caretStack object

residuals.caretEnsemble: Calculate the residuals from a caretEnsemble.

summary.caretEnsemble: Summarize the results of caretEnsemble for the user.

summary.caretStack: Summarize a caretStack object

trControlCheck: Check that the trainControl object supplied by the user is...

tuneCheck: Check that the tuning parameters list supplied by the user is...

varImp.caretEnsemble: Calculate the variable importance of variables in a... Calculate a weighted standard deviation


autoplot Man page
bestPreds Man page
caretEnsemble Man page
caretEnsemble-package Man page
caretList Man page
caretModelSpec Man page
caretStack Man page
c.caretList Man page
check_bestpreds_indexes Man page
check_bestpreds_obs Man page
check_bestpreds_preds Man page
check_bestpreds_resamples Man page
check_caretList_classes Man page
check_caretList_model_types Man page
c.train Man page
dotplot.caretStack Man page
extractBestPreds Man page
extractCaretTarget Man page
extractCaretTarget.default Man page
extractCaretTarget.formula Man page
extractModelTypes Man page
extractModFrame Man page
extractModRes Man page
fortify Man page
getMetric Man page
getMetricSD Man page
getMetricSD.train Man page
getMetric.train Man page
is.caretEnsemble Man page
is.caretList Man page
is.caretStack Man page
makePredObsMatrix Man page
methodCheck Man page
models.class Man page
models.reg Man page
multiResiduals Man page
plot.caretEnsemble Man page
plot.caretStack Man page
predict.caretList Man page
predict.caretStack Man page
print.caretStack Man page
residuals.caretEnsemble Man page
summary.caretEnsemble Man page
summary.caretStack Man page
trControlCheck Man page
tuneCheck Man page
varImp.caretEnsemble Man page Man page
X.class Man page
X.reg Man page
Y.class Man page
Y.reg Man page


tests/testthat/test-ensembleMethods.R tests/testthat/test-ensemble.R tests/testthat/test-S3-generic-extensions.R tests/testthat/test-parallel.R tests/testthat/test-a-skip.R tests/testthat/test-helper_functions.R tests/testthat/test-caretStack.R tests/testthat/test-caretList.R tests/testthat/test-lintr.R
R/caretList.R R/caretStack.R R/caretEnsemble-package.R R/helper_functions.R R/caretEnsemble.R R/S3GenericExtenstions.R
man/fortify.Rd man/bestPreds.Rd man/check_bestpreds_resamples.Rd man/varImp.caretEnsemble.Rd man/predict.caretStack.Rd man/metrics.Rd man/extractBestPreds.Rd man/check_bestpreds_preds.Rd man/is.caretList.Rd man/plot.caretEnsemble.Rd man/c.caretList.Rd man/methodCheck.Rd man/check_bestpreds_obs.Rd man/ man/dotplot.caretStack.Rd man/extractModelTypes.Rd man/check_caretList_classes.Rd man/caretList.Rd man/c.train.Rd man/extractCaretTarget.formula.Rd man/extractCaretTarget.Rd man/caretEnsemble.Rd man/multiResiduals.Rd man/predict.caretList.Rd man/caretStack.Rd man/autoplot.Rd man/is.caretEnsemble.Rd man/extractModFrame.Rd man/trControlCheck.Rd man/data.Rd man/plot.caretStack.Rd man/summary.caretStack.Rd man/print.caretStack.Rd man/extractCaretTarget.default.Rd man/makePredObsMatrix.Rd man/summary.caretEnsemble.Rd man/extractModRes.Rd man/tuneCheck.Rd man/residuals.caretEnsemble.Rd man/check_caretList_model_types.Rd man/caretModelSpec.Rd man/is.caretStack.Rd man/check_bestpreds_indexes.Rd

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