Man pages for caretEnsemble
Ensembles of Caret Models

as.caretListConvert object to caretList object
as.caretList.defaultConvert object to caretList object - For Future Use
as.caretList.listConvert list to caretList
autoplotConvenience function for more in-depth diagnostic plots of...
bestPredsExtract the best predictions from a train object
caretEnsemblecaretEnsemble: Make ensembles of caret models.
caretListCreate a list of several train models from the caret package...
caretModelSpecGenerate a specification for fitting a caret model
caretStackCombine several predictive models via stacking
c.caretListS3 definition for concatenating caretList
check_bestpreds_indexesCheck row indexes
check_bestpreds_obsCheck observeds
check_bestpreds_predsCheck predictions
check_bestpreds_resamplesCheck resamples
check_caretList_classesChecks caretList model classes
check_caretList_model_typesChecks that caretList models are all of the same type.
c.trainS3 definition for concatenating train objects
datacaretList of classification models
dotplot.caretStackComparison dotplot for a caretStack object
extractBestPredsExtract the best predictions from a list of train objects
extractCaretTargetExtracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...
extractCaretTarget.defaultExtracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...
extractCaretTarget.formulaExtracts the target variable from a set of arguments headed...
extractModelNameExtract the method name associated with a single train object
extractModelTypesExtracts the model types from a list of train model
extractModFrameExtract a dataframe of all predictors used in a caretEnsemble...
extractModResExtract the model accuracy metrics of the individual models...
fortifySupplement the data fitted to a caret ensemble model with...
getBinaryTargetLevelReturn the configured target binary class level
is.caretEnsembleCheck if an object is a caretEnsemble object
is.caretListCheck if an object is a caretList object
is.caretStackCheck if an object is a caretStack object
makePredObsMatrixMake a prediction matrix from a list of models
methodCheckCheck that the methods supplied by the user are valid caret...
metricsExtract accuracy metrics from a model
multiResidualsCalculate the residuals from all component models of a...
plot.caretEnsemblePlot Diagnostics for an caretEnsemble Object
plot.caretStackPlot a caretStack object
predict.caretListCreate a matrix of predictions for each of the models in a...
predict.caretStackMake predictions from a caretStack
print.caretStackPrint a caretStack object
residuals.caretEnsembleCalculate the residuals from a caretEnsemble.
setBinaryTargetLevelSet the target binary class level
sub-.caretListIndex a caretList
summary.caretEnsembleSummarize the results of caretEnsemble for the user.
summary.caretStackSummarize a caretStack object
trControlCheckCheck that the trainControl object supplied by the user is...
tuneCheckCheck that the tuning parameters list supplied by the user is...
validateBinaryTargetLevelValidate arguments given as binary target level
validateCustomModelValidate a custom caret model info list
varImp.caretEnsembleCalculate the variable importance of variables in a...
wtd.sdCalculate a weighted standard deviation
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