Man pages for cassandRa
Finds Missing Links and Metric Confidence Intervals in Ecological Bipartite Networks

CalcHostLevelCoverageEstimated probabilities of missing links based on the host...
ComputeCICompute Basic Confidence Intervals
CoverageEstimatorCoverage Estimator, using Chao1 Index, Turing-Good or...
CreateListObjectGenerates a network list from a food web
EcoLinkPredictPredicting Missing Links
FitAllModelsFit all the models
FitBothMandCFit Matching-Centrality Model
FitCentralityFit Centrality Model
FitMatchingFit Latent Trait (Matching Model)
FitSBMFit SBM Model
grapes-greater-than-grapesPipe operator
make_true_and_sample_webMake an artificial bipartite networks with some properties of...
OptimiserOptimiser wrapper for network models
Optimise_SBMCustom optimiser function for SBM models
PlotFitPlot the fitted network models
PlotRarefactionPlot Metric Response To Network Rarefaction
PredictLinksGenerates a network list from a food web and fits all network...
RarefyNetworkRecalculate Network Metrics With Rarefied Webs
SortResponseCategoryAdds a dataframe that defines each interaction as true...
TestAllModelsTest the models by AUC
TestAUCTest via AUC the predictive capacity of each model or...
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