Man pages for celltrackR
Motion Trajectory Analysis

aggregate.tracksCompute Summary Statistics of Subtracks
analyzeCellPairsFind Distances and Angles for all Pairs of Tracks
analyzeStepPairsFind Distances and Angles for all Pairs of Steps
AngleAnalysisAngle Analysis
angleCellsAngle between Two Tracks
angleStepsAngle between Two Steps
angleToDirAngle with a Reference Direction
angleToPlaneAngle with a Reference Plane
angleToPointAngle with a Reference Point
applyStaggeredCompute a Measure on a Track in a Staggered Fashion Tracks to Data Frame
as.list.tracksConvert from Tracks to List from Data Frame to Tracks
BCellsTwo-Photon Data: B Cells in a Lymph Node
beaucheminTrackSimulate a 3D Cell Track Using the Beauchemin Model
bootstrapTrackSimulate Tracks via Bootstrapping of Speed and Turning Angle...
boundingBoxBounding Box of a Tracks Object
brownianTrackSimulate an Uncorrelated Random Walk
cellPairsFind Pairs of Tracks
celltrackRcelltrackR: Quantitative analysis of motion.
cheatsheetOpen the package cheat sheet
clusterTracksCluster Tracks
distanceCellsMinimum Distance between Two Cells
distanceStepsDistance between Two Steps
distanceToPlaneDistance to a Reference Plane
distanceToPointDistance to a Reference Point
filterTracksFilter Tracks
getFeatureMatrixObtaining A Feature Matrix
hotellingsTestTest Unbiasedness of Motion
interpolateTrackInterpolate Track Positions
maxTrackLengthLength of Longest Track
NeutrophilsTwo-Photon Data: Neutrophils in an Infected Lung
normalizeToDurationNormalize a Measure to Track Duration
normalizeTracksNormalize Tracks
plot3dPlot Tracks in 3D
plotTrackMeasuresBivariate Scatterplot of Track Measures
plot.tracksPlot Tracks in 2D
prefixesGet Track Prefixes
projectDimensionsExtract Spatial Dimensions
read.tracks.csvRead Tracks from Text File
repairGapsProcess Tracks Containing Gaps
selectStepsGet Single Steps Starting at a Specific Time from a Subset of...
selectTracksSelect Tracks by Measure Values
simulateTracksGenerate Tracks by Simulation
sort.tracksSort Track Positions by Time
splitTrackSplit Track into Multiple Tracks
staggeredStaggered Version of a Function
stepPairsFind Pairs of Steps Occurring at the Same Time
subsampleSubsample Track by Constant Factor
subtracksDecompose Track(s) into Subtracks
subtracksByTimeExtract Subtracks Starting at a Specific Time
TCellsTwo-Photon Data: T Cells in a Lymph Node
timePointsFind All Unique Time Points in a Track Dataset
timeStepCompute Time Step of Tracks
trackFeatureMapDimensionality Reduction on Track Features
TrackMeasuresTrack Measures
tracksTracks Objects
vecAngleAngle Between Two Vectors
wrapTrackCreate Track Object from Single Track
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