Defines functions rbf.alglib havealglib

Documented in havealglib

rbf.alglib <- function(val, knots, rbase=2,  layers=5, lambda=0, ...) {
  x <- threads <- NULL; rm(x,threads)
  if(is.null(dim(knots))) dim(knots) <- c(1,length(knots))
  if(is.function(val)) val <- apply(knots,2,val,...)
  model <- .Call(C_makerbf, rbind(knots,val), layers, rbase, lambda)
  vectorfun(function(x,threads=getOption('chebpol.threads')) .Call(C_evalrbf, model, x, threads),

#' Check whether chebpol has the ALGLIB library
#' If ALGLIB was available at compile time, it can be used for compact
#' support radial basis function interpolations on scattered data.
#' This function checks whether ALGLIB is available.
#' @return Returns TRUE if ALGLIB is available. Otherwise FALSE.
#' @export
havealglib <- function() .Call(C_havealglib)

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