circular: Circular Statistics

Circular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001) S. Rao Jammalamadaka and A. SenGupta, World Scientific.

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AuthorUlric Lund <>, Claudio Agostinelli <>
Date of publication2013-11-08 08:58:30
MaintainerClaudio Agostinelli <>

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Man pages

A1: Ratio of First and Zeroth Order Bessel Functions

A1FirstDerivative: First derivative of the Ratio of First and Zeroth Order...

A1inv: Inverse of A1

A1SecondDerivative: Second derivative of the Ratio of First and Zeroth Order...

angular.deviation: A measure of deviation for Circular Data

angular.variance: A measure of variance for Circular Data

aov.circular: Analysis of Variance for circular data

arrows.circular: Add Arrows to a Circular Plot

asytriangular: Asymmetric Triangular Density Function

axialvonmises: Axial von Mises Density Function

axis.circular: Add Axis to a Circular Plot

bw.circular: Bandwidth Selectors for Kernel Density Estimation for...

cardioid: Cardioid Density Function

carthwrite: Carthwrite's Power-of-Cosine Density Function

c.circular: A method for circular object, which combines its arguments

change.point: Change Point Test

circle.control: Auxiliary for Controlling Circular Plots

circular: Create Objects of class circular for Circular data.

circular.colors: Color Palettes for Circular

circularp: Attributes for a Circular Object

circular-package: Package 'circular': summary information

conversion.circular: Unit of Measure Conversion for Circular Data and other...

coope: Coope dataset

coord2rad: Angles between a vector and the x-axis

cor.circular: Correlation Coefficient for Angular Variables

curve.circular: Draw Function Plots in a Circle

deg: Degrees

density.circular: Kernel Density Estimation for Circular Data

dist.circular: Distance Matrix Computation for Circular Data

equal.kappa.test: Equal Kappa Test

Extract.circular: Extract or Replace Parts of a Circular Object

fisherB1: B.1 Arrival times at an intensive care unit

fisherB10: B.10 Directions of desert ants

fisherB11: B.11 Movements of sea stars

fisherB12: B.12: Vanishing directions of homing pigeons

fisherB13: B.13: Orientations of termite mounds

fisherB18: B.18 Wind direction and ozone concentration.

fisherB2: B.2 Measurements of long-axis orientation of 133 feldspar...

fisherB20: B.20 Movements of blue periwinkles.

fisherB3: B.3 Movements of turtles

fisherB4: B.4 Directional preferences of starhead topminnows

fisherB5: B.5 Measurements of long-axis orientation of 164 feldspar...

fisherB6: B.6 Cross-bed azimuths of palaeocurrents

fisherB7: B.7 Movements of ants

fisherB8: B.8 Orientations of pebbles

fisherB9: B.9 Dance directions of bees

genvonmises: Generalized Von Mises Density Function

heatmap.circular: Draw a Heat Map for circular data

I.0: Zeroth Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

I.1: First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

I.p: P-th Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

jonespewsey: Jones and Pewsey Density Function

katojones: Kato and Jones Density Function

kuiper.test: Kuiper's Test

lines.circular: Add Connected Line Segments to a Circular Plot

lines.density.circular: Add a Plot for Kernel Density Estimation for Circular Data

lm.circular: Circular-Circular and Circular-Linear Regression Fit a 2D circle to an (x,y) dataset

mean.circular: Mean Direction

meandeviation: A measure of deviation for Circular Data

median.circular: Median Direction

medianHL.circular: Median using Hodges-Lehmann estimate.

minusPiPlusPi: return angles in the [-pi,pi] interval.

mixedvonmises: Mixture of von Mises Distributions

mle.vonmises: von Mises Maximum Likelihood Estimates Bootstrap Confidence Intervals

mle.wrappedcauchy: Wrapped Cauchy Maximum Likelihood Estimates

mle.wrappednormal: Wrapped Normal Maximum Likelihood Estimates

modal.region: Modal regions

ncfrog: Northern Cricket Frog

pigeons: Initial orientation of displaced homing pigeons

plot.circular: Circular Data Plot

plot.density.circular: Plot Method for Kernel Density Estimation for Circular Data

plot.edf: Plot Circular Empirical Distribution Function Plot method for function

points.circular: Add Points to a Circular Plot

pp.plot: von Mises Probability-Probability Plot

quantile.circular: Sample Circular Quantiles

rad: Radians

range.circular: Circular Range

rao.spacing.test: Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity

rao.table: Table for Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity

rao.test: Rao's Tests for Homogeneity

rayleigh.test: Rayleigh Test of Uniformity

rho.circular: Mean Resultant Length

rose.diag: Rose Diagram

rstable: Random Generation from the Stable Family of Distributions

rwrappedstable: Random Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution

sd.circular: Circular Standard Deviation

standarddeviation: Standard Deviation

summary.circular: Circular Summary Statistics

swallows: Orientation of juvenile barn swallows

ticks.circular: Draw Tick-Marks in a Circular Plot

totalvariation.circular: Conditional total variation distance between two circular...

triangular: Triangular Density Function

trigonometric.moment: Trigonometric Moments

turtles: Arrival directions of displaced sea turtles

uniform: Circular Uniform Density Function

unique.circular: Extract Unique Elements from a circular vector

var.circular: A measure of variance for Circular Data

variance: Variance

vonmises: von Mises Density Function

wallraff.test: Wallraff Test of Angular Distances

watson.test: Watson's Test

watson.two.test: Watson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity

watson.wheeler.test: Watson-Williams Test of Homogeneity of Means

watson.williams.test: Watson-Williams Test of Homogeneity of Means

wind: Col De La Roa wind direction

windrose: Windrose Generator

wrappedcauchy: Wrapped Cauchy Density Function

wrappednormal: Wrapped Normal Density Function


A1 Man page
A1FirstDerivative Man page
A1inv Man page
A1SecondDerivative Man page
angular.deviation Man page
angular.variance Man page
aov.circular Man page
arrows.circular Man page
as.circular Man page Man page
axis.circular Man page Man page Man page
bw.nrd.circular Man page
c.circular Man page
change.point Man page
circle.control Man page
circular Man page
[.circular Man page
Circular Man page
circular.colors Man page
circularp Man page
circularp<- Man page
circular-package Man page
conversion.circular Man page
coord2rad Man page
cor.circular Man page
curve.circular Man page
dasytriangular Man page
daxialvonmises Man page
dcardioid Man page
dcarthwrite Man page
dcircularuniform Man page
deg Man page
density.circular Man page
dgenvonmises Man page
dist.circular Man page
djonespewsey Man page
dkatojones Man page
dmixedvonmises Man page
dtriangular Man page
dvonmises Man page
dwrappedcauchy Man page
dwrappednormal Man page
equal.kappa.test Man page
fisherB1 Man page
fisherB10 Man page
fisherB10c Man page
fisherB11 Man page
fisherB11c Man page
fisherB12 Man page
fisherB12c Man page
fisherB13 Man page
fisherB13c Man page
fisherB18 Man page
fisherB18c Man page
fisherB1c Man page
fisherB2 Man page
fisherB20 Man page
fisherB20c Man page
fisherB2c Man page
fisherB3 Man page
fisherB3c Man page
fisherB4 Man page
fisherB4c Man page
fisherB5 Man page
fisherB5c Man page
fisherB6 Man page
fisherB6c Man page
fisherB7 Man page
fisherB7c Man page
fisherB8 Man page
fisherB8c Man page
fisherB9 Man page
fisherB9c Man page
fisherB9direction Man page
fisherB9frequency Man page
genvonmises Man page
heatmap.circular Man page
I.0 Man page
I.1 Man page
I.p Man page
is.circular Man page
jonespewsey Man page
kuiper.test Man page
lines.circular Man page
lines.density.circular Man page
lines.edf Man page
lm.circular Man page Man page Man page Man page
mean.circular Man page
meandeviation Man page
median.circular Man page
medianCircular Man page
medianHL Man page
medianHL.circular Man page
medianHL.default Man page
minusPiPlusPi Man page
mle.vonmises Man page Man page
mle.wrappedcauchy Man page
mle.wrappednormal Man page
modal.region Man page
modal.region.circular Man page
modal.region.default Man page
ncfrog Man page
ncfrog.rad Man page
pigeons Man page
plot.circular Man page
plot.density.circular Man page
plot.edf Man page
plot.function.circular Man page Man page
pmixedvonmises Man page
points.circular Man page
pp.plot Man page
print.aov.circular Man page
print.circular Man page
print.density.circular Man page
print.equal.kappa.test Man page
print.kuiper.test Man page Man page Man page
print.mle.vonmises Man page Man page
print.mle.wrappedcauchy Man page
print.mle.wrappednormal Man page
print.rao.spacing.test Man page
print.rao.test Man page
print.rayleigh.test Man page
print.watson.test Man page
print.watson.two.test Man page
pvonmises Man page
pwrappednormal Man page
quantile.circular Man page
qvonmises Man page
qwrappednormal Man page
rad Man page
range.circular Man page
rao.spacing.test Man page
rao.table Man page
rao.test Man page
rayleigh.test Man page
rcardioid Man page
rcircularuniform Man page
rho.circular Man page
rkatojones Man page
rmixedvonmises Man page
rose.diag Man page
rstable Man page
rtriangular Man page
rvonmises Man page
rwrappedcauchy Man page
rwrappednormal Man page
rwrappedstable Man page
sd Man page
sd.circular Man page Man page
sd.default Man page
summary.circular Man page
swallows Man page
ticks.circular Man page
totalvariation.circular Man page
trigonometric.moment Man page
turtles Man page
unique.circular Man page
var Man page
var.circular Man page Man page
var.default Man page
wallraff.test Man page
wallraff.test.default Man page
wallraff.test.formula Man page
wallraff.test.list Man page
watson.test Man page
watson.two.test Man page
watson.wheeler.test Man page
watson.wheeler.test.default Man page
watson.wheeler.test.formula Man page
watson.wheeler.test.list Man page
watson.williams.test Man page
watson.williams.test.default Man page
watson.williams.test.formula Man page
watson.williams.test.list Man page
wind Man page
windrose Man page
x.coope Man page
y.coope Man page


tests/test-watson.williams.test.R tests/test-walraff.test.R
R/axis.circular.R R/points.circular.R R/mle.cardioid.R R/bw.circular.R R/medianHL.circular.R R/A1inv.R R/lines.circular.R R/modal.region.R R/curve.circular.R R/medianaxis.circular.R R/cor.circular.R R/watson.wheeler.test.R R/watson.williams.test.R R/rad.R R/coord2rad.R R/wrappedcauchy.R R/rao.test.R R/onAttach.R R/equal.kappa.test.R R/Calpha.R R/as.circular.R R/family.circular.R R/unique.circular.R R/meandeviation.R R/A1SecondDerivative.R R/genvonmises.R R/mle.wrappednormal.R R/summary.circular.R R/watson.test.R R/rstable.R R/deg.R R/mle.wrappedcauchy.R R/ R/circular.colors.R R/rho.circular.R R/I.p.R R/trigonometric.polynomials.R R/rose.diag.R R/range.circular.R R/rose.diag.oldstyle.R R/ R/wallraff.test.R R/dist.circular.R R/axialvonmises.R R/cardioid.R R/ R/Ralpha.R R/aov.circular.R R/subset.circular.R R/vonmises.R R/wrappednormal.R R/carthwrite.R R/pp.plot.R R/ R/minuspipluspi.R R/arrows.circular.R R/A1FirstDerivative.R R/mean.circular.R R/change.point.R R/rao.spacing.test.R R/angular.variance.R R/windrose.R R/A1.R R/sd.circular.R R/ R/density.circular.R R/median.circular.R R/I.0.R R/trigonometric.moment.R R/heatmap.circular.R R/plot.edf.R R/quantile.circular.R R/ R/medianHL.default.R R/angular.deviation.R R/clm.R R/watson.two.test.R R/totalvariation.R R/circular.R R/rayleigh.test.R R/var.circular.R R/ R/kuiper.test.R R/jonespewsey.R R/katojones.R R/plot.circular.R R/lm.circular.R R/ticks.circular.R R/asytriangular.R R/stephens.test.R R/zzz.R R/mle.vonmises.R R/uniform.R R/wrappedstable.R R/I.1.R R/triangular.R
man/watson.williams.test.Rd man/fisherB9.Rd man/A1FirstDerivative.Rd man/lm.circular.Rd man/equal.kappa.test.Rd man/circularp.Rd man/fisherB3.Rd man/rao.test.Rd man/range.circular.Rd man/mle.wrappednormal.Rd man/totalvariation.circular.Rd man/ man/turtles.Rd man/fisherB10.Rd man/deg.Rd man/wrappednormal.Rd man/A1.Rd man/angular.deviation.Rd man/curve.circular.Rd man/rayleigh.test.Rd man/fisherB20.Rd man/bw.circular.Rd man/cor.circular.Rd man/A1inv.Rd man/wallraff.test.Rd man/fisherB5.Rd man/fisherB4.Rd man/I.0.Rd man/rwrappedstable.Rd man/I.1.Rd man/fisherB6.Rd man/variance.Rd man/fisherB11.Rd man/vonmises.Rd man/lines.circular.Rd man/axialvonmises.Rd man/quantile.circular.Rd man/arrows.circular.Rd man/angular.variance.Rd man/median.circular.Rd man/var.circular.Rd man/coord2rad.Rd man/windrose.Rd man/mle.vonmises.Rd man/watson.two.test.Rd man/c.circular.Rd man/wrappedcauchy.Rd man/points.circular.Rd man/I.p.Rd man/circle.control.Rd man/ man/ man/plot.circular.Rd man/fisherB13.Rd man/heatmap.circular.Rd man/rstable.Rd man/watson.wheeler.test.Rd man/plot.density.circular.Rd man/genvonmises.Rd man/Extract.circular.Rd man/mean.circular.Rd man/rho.circular.Rd man/circular.colors.Rd man/plot.edf.Rd man/uniform.Rd man/sd.circular.Rd man/meandeviation.Rd man/rao.table.Rd man/kuiper.test.Rd man/minusPiPlusPi.Rd man/rao.spacing.test.Rd man/coope.Rd man/fisherB18.Rd man/rose.diag.Rd man/cardioid.Rd man/fisherB8.Rd man/carthwrite.Rd man/modal.region.Rd man/mle.wrappedcauchy.Rd man/dist.circular.Rd man/swallows.Rd man/fisherB12.Rd man/ticks.circular.Rd man/A1SecondDerivative.Rd man/mixedvonmises.Rd man/circular-package.Rd man/fisherB7.Rd man/circular.Rd man/medianHL.circular.Rd man/aov.circular.Rd man/axis.circular.Rd man/pp.plot.Rd man/summary.circular.Rd man/trigonometric.moment.Rd man/asytriangular.Rd man/watson.test.Rd man/katojones.Rd man/fisherB1.Rd man/lines.density.circular.Rd man/ncfrog.Rd man/unique.circular.Rd man/jonespewsey.Rd man/fisherB2.Rd man/pigeons.Rd man/ man/change.point.Rd man/wind.Rd man/triangular.Rd man/density.circular.Rd man/conversion.circular.Rd man/standarddeviation.Rd man/rad.Rd

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