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The package ‘circular’ provides functions for the statistical analysis and graphics representation of circular data (observations which are angles). It originally started as a porting from S-plus to R of functions developed for the book: Circular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001) S. Rao Jammalamadaka and A. SenGupta, World Scientific. Now, it has an S3 implementation and several new functions and datasets.


The version level of the package is given by the command packageDescription("circular"). The most recent version of the package can be obtained from the R-Forge repository at


Claudio Agostinelli, Department of Mathematics University of Trento, Italy (

Ulric Lund, Department of Statistics, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA (


This package and its documentation are usable under the terms of the "GNU General Public License", a copy of which is distributed with the package. While the software is freely usable, it would be appreciated if a reference is inserted in publications or other work which makes use of it; for this purpose, see the command citation("circular").


The package has evolved through several versions, developed over some years.

Many thanks to all that points out bugs, provide suggestions and comments.

The functions median and medianHS are developed together with Alessandro Gagliardi

The functions watson.wiliams.test and wallraff.test are developed by Jean-Olivier Irisson (

The functions dcarthwrite, dgenvonmises, (d,r)katojones, djonespewsey are developed by Federico Rotolo

The function rose.diag has contribution by Hiroyoshi Arai (

The function windrose is developed by Matthew Pocernich

Dataset swallows is kindly provided by Dimitri Giunchi

The function bw.circular is developed together with Eduardo Garcia Portugues mailto:

If I miss to report your contribution please let me know by email at

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