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Circular Statistics

A1Ratio of First and Zeroth Order Bessel Functions
A1FirstDerivativeFirst derivative of the Ratio of First and Zeroth Order...
A1invInverse of A1
A1SecondDerivativeSecond derivative of the Ratio of First and Zeroth Order...
angular.deviationA measure of deviation for Circular Data
angular.varianceA measure of variance for Circular Data
aov.circularAnalysis of Variance for circular data
arrows.circularAdd Arrows to a Circular Plot
asytriangularAsymmetric Triangular Density Function
axialvonmisesAxial von Mises Density Function
axis.circularAdd Axis to a Circular Plot
bw.circularBandwidth Selectors for Kernel Density Estimation for...
cardioidCardioid Density Function
carthwriteCarthwrite's Power-of-Cosine Density Function
c.circularA method for circular object, which combines its arguments
change.pointChange Point Test
circle.controlAuxiliary for Controlling Circular Plots
circularCreate Objects of class circular for Circular data.
circular.colorsColor Palettes for Circular
circularpAttributes for a Circular Object
circular-packagePackage 'circular': summary information
conversion.circularUnit of Measure Conversion for Circular Data and other...
coopeCoope dataset
coord2radAngles between a vector and the x-axis
cor.circularCorrelation Coefficient for Angular Variables
curve.circularDraw Function Plots in a Circle
density.circularKernel Density Estimation for Circular Data
dist.circularDistance Matrix Computation for Circular Data
equal.kappa.testEqual Kappa Test
Extract.circularExtract or Replace Parts of a Circular Object
fisherB1B.1 Arrival times at an intensive care unit
fisherB10B.10 Directions of desert ants
fisherB11B.11 Movements of sea stars
fisherB12B.12: Vanishing directions of homing pigeons
fisherB13B.13: Orientations of termite mounds
fisherB18B.18 Wind direction and ozone concentration.
fisherB2B.2 Measurements of long-axis orientation of 133 feldspar...
fisherB20B.20 Movements of blue periwinkles.
fisherB3B.3 Movements of turtles
fisherB4B.4 Directional preferences of starhead topminnows
fisherB5B.5 Measurements of long-axis orientation of 164 feldspar...
fisherB6B.6 Cross-bed azimuths of palaeocurrents
fisherB7B.7 Movements of ants
fisherB8B.8 Orientations of pebbles
fisherB9B.9 Dance directions of bees
genvonmisesGeneralized Von Mises Density Function
heatmap.circularDraw a Heat Map for circular data
I.0Zeroth Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
I.1First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
intersect.modal.regionIntersection between model region and a given interval.
I.pP-th Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
jonespewseyJones and Pewsey Density Function
katojonesKato and Jones Density Function
kuiper.testKuiper's Test
lines.circularAdd Connected Line Segments to a Circular Plot
lines.density.circularAdd a Plot for Kernel Density Estimation for Circular Data
lm.circularCircular-Circular and Circular-Linear Regression
lsfit.circleFit a 2D circle to an (x,y) dataset
mean.circularMean Direction
meandeviationA measure of deviation for Circular Data
median.circularMedian Direction
medianHL.circularMedian using Hodges-Lehmann estimate.
minusPiPlusPireturn angles in the [-pi,pi] interval.
mixedvonmisesMixture of von Mises Distributions
mle.vonmisesvon Mises Maximum Likelihood Estimates
mle.vonmises.bootstrap.ciBootstrap Confidence Intervals
mle.wrappedcauchyWrapped Cauchy Maximum Likelihood Estimates
mle.wrappednormalWrapped Normal Maximum Likelihood Estimates
modal.regionModal regions
ncfrogNorthern Cricket Frog
pigeonsInitial orientation of displaced homing pigeons
plot.circularCircular Data Plot
plot.density.circularPlot Method for Kernel Density Estimation for Circular Data
plot.edfPlot Circular Empirical Distribution Function
plot.lsfit.circlePlot method for function
points.circularAdd Points to a Circular Plot
pp.plotvon Mises Probability-Probability Plot
pp.unif.plotUniform Circular Probability-Probability Plot
projectednormalProjected bivariate normal on the circle
quantile.circularSample Circular Quantiles
range.circularCircular Range
rao.spacing.testRao's Spacing Test of Uniformity
rao.tableTable for Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity
rao.testRao's Tests for Homogeneity
rayleigh.testRayleigh Test of Uniformity
rho.circularMean Resultant Length
rose.diagRose Diagram
rstableRandom Generation from the Stable Family of Distributions
rwrappedstableRandom Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution
sd.circularCircular Standard Deviation
standarddeviationStandard Deviation
summary.circularCircular Summary Statistics
swallowsOrientation of juvenile barn swallows
ticks.circularDraw Tick-Marks in a Circular Plot
totalvariation.circularConditional total variation distance between two circular...
triangularTriangular Density Function
trigonometric.momentTrigonometric Moments
turtlesArrival directions of displaced sea turtles
uniformCircular Uniform Density Function
unique.circularExtract Unique Elements from a circular vector
var.circularA measure of variance for Circular Data
vonmisesvon Mises Density Function
wallraff.testWallraff Test of Angular Distances
watson.testWatson's Test
watson.two.testWatson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity
watson.wheeler.testWatson-Williams Test of Homogeneity of Means
watson.williams.testWatson-Williams Test of Homogeneity of Means
weighted.mean.circularWeighted Mean Direction
windCol De La Roa wind direction
windroseWindrose Generator
wrappedcauchyWrapped Cauchy Density Function
wrappednormalWrapped Normal Density Function
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