Man pages for ck37r
Chris Kennedy's R Toolkit

auc_tableGenerate a table of AUCs by learner
auc_table.CV.SuperLearnerTable of cross-validated AUCs from CV.SuperLearner result
auc_table.SuperLearnerTable of cross-validated AUCs from SuperLearner result
categoricals_to_factorsConvert categorical numerics to factors
create_datasetCreate a dataset
cvsl_aucCalculate cross-validated AUC from CV.SuperLearner result
cvsl_auc_tableDeprecated, use auc_table() instead.
cvsl_plot_rocDeprecated, please use plot_roc() instead.
cvsl_weightsCreate a table of meta-weights from a CV.SuperLearner
factors_to_indicatorsConvert factors to indicator variables.
gen_superlearnerSetup a SuperLearner() based on parallel configuration.
h2o_init_multinodeStarts an h2o cluster on multiple nodes
import_csvsImport all CSV files in a given directory and save them to a...
impute_missing_valuesImpute missing values in a dataframe and add missingness...
load_all_codeLoad all R files in a library directory.
load_packagesLoad a list of packages.
missingness_indicatorsReturn matrix of missingness indicators for a dataframe or...
ModeCompute the mode of a vector (can be multiple results).
parallelizeSetup parallel processing using snow.
plot_rocPlot the ROC curve for an ensemble object.
plot_roc.CV.SuperLearnerPlot a ROC curve from cross-validated AUC from...
plot_roc.SuperLearnerPlot a ROC curve from cross-validated AUC from SuperLearner
plot.SuperLearnerPlot estimated risk and confidence interval for each learner
plot_treePlot rpart decision tree with pretty good defaults.
praucCalculate PR-AUC from cross-validation results
prauc_tableGenerate a table of PR-AUCs by learner
prauc_table.CV.SuperLearnerTable of cross-validated PR-AUCs from CV.SuperLearner result
prauc_table.SuperLearnerTable of PR-AUCs from SuperLearner result
rf_count_terminal_nodesCount the terminal nodes in each tree from a random forest
setup_parallel_tmleSetup TMLE to run in parallel
sl_auc_tableDeprecated, use auc_table() instead.
SL.glmnet2Elastic net regression, including lasso and ridge
SL.h2o_autoAutomatic machine learning using h2o
SL.mgcvWrapper for mgcv's gam implementation
sl_plot_rocDeprecated, please use plot_roc() instead.
sl_stderrCalculate the SE of individual SL learners
SL.xgboost_cvXGBoost SuperLearner wrapper with internal cross-validation...
standardizeRescale variables, possibly excluding some columns
stop_clusterStop the cluster if snow::makeCluster() was used, but nothing...
tmle_parallelModify TMLE to support parallel computation for g and Q.
vim_corrCorrelation analysis
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