ArrowHead: The shape of arrow heads.

Description Usage Format Details Format A data frame with 100 rows (=observations) and 84 variables Source


A dataset containing the outline of arrow heads as functional covariable. This is a subset of the "ArrowHead" data set of the UCR TSC repository.




An object of class data.frame with 100 rows and 84 columns.


The arrowhead data consists of outlines of the images of arrowheads. The shapes of the projectile points are converted into a time series using the angle-based method. The classification of projectile points is an important topic in anthropology. The classes are based on shape distinctions such as the presence and location of a notch in the arrow. The problem in the repository is a length normalized version of that used in Ye09shapelets. The three classes are called "Avonlea", "Clovis" and "Mix".

Format A data frame with 100 rows (=observations) and 84 variables

col 1:83

shape of a projectile as functional observation.


encoding the class of the projectile.


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