Growth_irregular: Berkeley Growth Study Data

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A data frame containing the heights of 39 boys and 54 girls from age 1 to 18, the ages at which they were collected.


A list made up of


Factor of length 93 containing the subject IDs


Factor encoding the sex of children with values in c(`male`, `female`)


Numeric vector of length 31 encoding the age at the measurements


A 93 x 31 matrix giving the height in cm of 93 children at 31 ages


Data and description was reformatted from the fda package.

The ages are not equally spaced, see Growth$age.


Ramsay, James O., and Silverman, Bernard W. (2006), Functional Data Analysis, 2nd ed., Springer, New York.

Ramsay, James O., and Silverman, Bernard W. (2002), Applied Functional Data Analysis, Springer, New York, ch. 6.

Tuddenham, R. D., and Snyder, M. M. (1954) "Physical growth of California boys and girls from birth to age 18", University of California Publications in Child Development, 1, 183-364.

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