Man pages for clifford
Arbitrary Dimensional Clifford Algebras

allcliffClifford object containing all possible terms
antivectorAntivectors or pseudovectors
cartanCartan map between clifford algebras
cliffordCreate, coerce, and test for 'clifford' objects
clifford-packageArbitrary Dimensional Clifford Algebras
constThe constant term of a Clifford object
dropDrop redundant information
evenEven and odd clifford objects
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of a clifford
gradeThe grade of a clifford object
homogHomogenous Clifford objects
hornerHorner's method
involutionClifford involutions
lowlevelLow-level helper functions for 'clifford' objects
magnitudeMagnitude of a clifford object
minusTake the negative of a vector
numeric_to_cliffordCoercion from numeric to Clifford form
Ops.cliffordArithmetic Ops Group Methods for 'clifford' objects
printPrint clifford objects
quaternionQuaternions using Clifford algebras
rcliffRandom clifford objects
signatureThe signature of the Clifford algebra
summarySummary methods for clifford objects
termDeal with terms
vectorCoerce a clifford vector to a numeric vector
zapZap small values in a clifford object
zeroThe zero Clifford object
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