Man pages for clifro
Easily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo

cf_curl_optsStore curl options for use within 'clifro'
cfDatatype-classThe Clifro Datatype Object
cf_find_stationSearch for Clifro Stations
cf_last_queryRetrieve Last Query Result from CliFlo
cf_queryRetrieve Data from the National Climate Database
cf_save_kmlSave Clifro Station Information to a KML File
cfStation-classThe Clifro Station Object
cfUser-classThe Clifro User Object
clifroFrom CliFlo to 'clifro': Enhancing The National Climate...
clifroAddArithmetic Operators for Clifro Objects
dimDimension Attributes of a Clifro Object
ExtractSubsetting Methods for Clifro Objects
plot.cfDataListDefault Clifro Plotting
plot-cfEarthTemp-missing-methodPlot Earth Temperatures
plot-cfPressure-missing-methodPlot Mean Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure
plot-cfRain-missing-methodPlot Rain Time series
plot-cfScreenObs-missing-methodPlot Screen Observations
plot-cfSunshine-missing-methodPlot Sunshine Hours
plot-cfTemp-missing-methodPlot Temperature Range
plot-cfWind-missing-methodPlot Clifro Wind Objects
summary-cfUser-methodSummarise User Information
summary-cfWind-methodSummarise Clifro Wind Data
valid_cfuserValidation Functions For The 'cfUser' Class
windrosePlot a windrose
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