plot.cfDataList: Default Clifro Plotting

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Plot clifro data based on the datatype.


## S4 method for signature 'cfDataList,numeric'
plot(x, y, ...)

## S4 method for signature 'cfDataList,missing'
plot(x, y, ...)

## S4 method for signature 'cfOther,missing'
plot(x, y)



a cfData or cfDataList object.


missing for cfData objects, or a number representing the dataframe to plot if x is a cfDataList object.


arguments passed onto the different plotting methods.

These methods are intended to simplify the data visualisation and exploration of CliFlo data. The type of plot is determined by the type of the data output from a clifro query. All of these methods plot individual plots for each CliFlo station (if there is more than one in the query). If x is a cfDataList, by default the first datatype will be plotted unless y is supplied.

The following table links the datatypes to the corresponding plot methods:

Datatype Method
Wind plot.cfWind for windrose, wind speed and direction contour plots
Rain plot.cfRain for plotting rainfall (mm) through time
Screen Obs plot.cfScreenObs for timeseries plots of air, wet bulb, and dew-point temperature plots
Max/Min Temp plot.cfTemp for maximum, minimum and average temperature timeseries plots
Earth Temp plot.cfEarthTemp for earth temperature timeseries plots
Sunshine plot.cfSunshine for accumulated, hourly or daily sunshine, timeseries plots
Pressure plot.cfPressure for mean sea level atmospheric pressure timeseries plots
Other data No default plot methods

See Also

cf_query to retrieve the CliFlo data and create cfData objects.

Refer to theme for more possible arguments to pass to these methods.

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