Man pages for clinfun
Clinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions

aucVardiTestTwo-Sample Tests for Growth Curves under Dependent Right...
calogrankSurvival curves analysis of covariance
clinfun-internalInternal clinfun functions
coxphCPEGonen & Heller Concordance Probability Estimate
coxphERRHeller Explained Relative Risk
coxphQuantileSurvival time quantile as a function of covariate
deltaAUCComparing the AUC from ROC curves from nested binary...
fedesignTrial Designs Based On Fisher's Exact Test
gsdesignGroup Sequential Designs
jonckheere.testExact/permutation version of Jonckheere-Terpstra test
ktauKendall's tau-b estimate
oc.twostage.bdryTwo-stage boundary operating characteristics
permlogrankPermutation version of survdiff
ph2simonSimon's 2-stage Phase II design
ph2singleExact single stage Phase II design
power.ladesignPower of k-sample rank test under Lehmann alternative
pselectProbability of selection under pick the winner rule
ROCanalysisFunctions to plot and compare ROC curves.
roc.area.testNonparametric area under the ROC curve
roc.curveEmpirical ROC curve
roc.perm.testPermutation test to compare ROC curve
toxbdryStopping rule for toxicity monitoring
twostage.inferenceInference following a two-stage design for binary response
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