Man pages for clue
Cluster Ensembles

addtreeAdditive Tree Distances
CassiniCassini Data
CKMECassini Data Partitions Obtained by K-Means
cl_agreementAgreement Between Partitions or Hierarchies
cl_bagBagging for Clustering
cl_bootBootstrap Resampling of Clustering Algorithms
cl_classesCluster Classes
cl_consensusConsensus Partitions and Hierarchies
cl_dissimilarityDissimilarity Between Partitions or Hierarchies
cl_ensembleCluster Ensembles
cl_fuzzinessPartition Fuzziness
cl_marginMembership Margins
cl_medoidMedoid Partitions and Hierarchies
cl_membershipMemberships of Partitions
cl_object_namesFind Object Names
cl_pamK-Medoids Partitions of Clusterings
cl_pclustPrototype-Based Partitions of Clusterings
cl_predictPredict Memberships
cl_prototypesPartition Prototypes
cl_tabulateTabulate Vector Objects
cl_ultrametricUltrametrics of Hierarchies
cl_validityValidity Measures for Partitions and Hierarchies
fit_ultrametric_targetFit Dissimilarities to a Hierarchy
GVMEGordon-Vichi Macroeconomic Partition Ensemble Data
GVME_ConsensusGordon-Vichi Macroeconomic Consensus Partition Data
Kinship82Rosenberg-Kim Kinship Terms Partition Data
Kinship82_ConsensusGordon-Vichi Kinship82 Consensus Partition Data
kmedoidsK-Medoids Clustering
l1_fit_ultrametricLeast Absolute Deviation Fit of Ultrametrics to...
latticeCluster Lattices
ls_fit_addtreeLeast Squares Fit of Additive Tree Distances to...
ls_fit_sum_of_ultrametricsLeast Squares Fit of Sums of Ultrametrics to Dissimilarities
ls_fit_ultrametricLeast Squares Fit of Ultrametrics to Dissimilarities
n_of_classesClasses in a Partition
n_of_objectsNumber of Objects in a Partition or Hierarchy
pclustPrototype-Based Partitioning
PhonemesMiller-Nicely Consonant Phoneme Confusion Data
solve_LSAPSolve Linear Sum Assignment Problem
sumtSequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique
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