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"Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.

agnesAgglomerative Nesting (Hierarchical Clustering)
agnes.objectAgglomerative Nesting (AGNES) Object
agricultureEuropean Union Agricultural Workforces
animalsAttributes of Animals
bannerplotPlot Banner (of Hierarchical Clustering)
chorSubSubset of C-horizon of Kola Data
claraClustering Large Applications
clara.objectClustering Large Applications (CLARA) Object
clusGapGap Statistic for Estimating the Number of Clusters
clusplot.defaultBivariate Cluster Plot (clusplot) Default Method
clusplot.partitionBivariate Cluster Plot (of a Partitioning Object)
cluster-internalInternal cluster functions
coef.hclustAgglomerative / Divisive Coefficient for 'hclust' Objects
daisyDissimilarity Matrix Calculation
dianaDIvisive ANAlysis Clustering
dissimilarity.objectDissimilarity Matrix Object
ellipsoidhullCompute the Ellipsoid Hull or Spanning Ellipsoid of a Point...
fannyFuzzy Analysis Clustering
fanny.objectFuzzy Analysis (FANNY) Object
flowerFlower Characteristics Indices for Triangular Matrices
medoidsCompute 'pam'-consistent Medoids from Clustering
monaMONothetic Analysis Clustering of Binary Variables
mona.objectMonothetic Analysis (MONA) Object
pamPartitioning Around Medoids
pam.objectPartitioning Around Medoids (PAM) Object
partition.objectPartitioning Object
plantTraitsPlant Species Traits Data
plot.agnesPlots of an Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering
plot.dianaPlots of a Divisive Hierarchical Clustering
plot.monaBanner of Monothetic Divisive Hierarchical Clusterings
plot.partitionPlot of a Partition of the Data Set
pltreePlot Clustering Tree of a Hierarchical Clustering
plutonIsotopic Composition Plutonium Batches
predict.ellipsoidPredict Method for Ellipsoid Objects
print.agnesPrint Method for AGNES Objects
print.claraPrint Method for CLARA Objects
print.dianaPrint Method for DIANA Objects
print.dissimilarityPrint and Summary Methods for Dissimilarity Objects
print.fannyPrint and Summary Methods for FANNY Objects
print.monaPrint Method for MONA Objects
print.pamPrint Method for PAM Objects
ruspiniRuspini Data
silhouetteCompute or Extract Silhouette Information from Clustering
sizeDissSample Size of Dissimilarity Like Object
summary.agnesSummary Method for 'agnes' Objects
summary.claraSummary Method for 'clara' Objects
summary.dianaSummary Method for 'diana' Objects
summary.monaSummary Method for 'mona' Objects
summary.pamSummary Method for PAM Objects
twins.objectHierarchical Clustering Object
volume.ellipsoidCompute the Volume (of an Ellipsoid)
votes.repubVotes for Republican Candidate in Presidential Elections
xclaraBivariate Data Set with 3 Clusters
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