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European Union Agricultural Workforces


Gross National Product (GNP) per capita and percentage of the population working in agriculture for each country belonging to the European Union in 1993.




A data frame with 12 observations on 2 variables:

[ , 1] x numeric per capita GNP
[ , 2] y numeric percentage in agriculture

The row names of the data frame indicate the countries.


The data seem to show two clusters, the “more agricultural” one consisting of Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.


Eurostat (European Statistical Agency, 1994): Cijfers en feiten: Een statistisch portret van de Europese Unie.


see those in agnes.

See Also

agnes, daisy, diana.



## Compute the dissimilarities using Euclidean metric and without
## standardization
daisy(agriculture, metric = "euclidean", stand = FALSE)

## 2nd plot is similar to Figure 3 in Struyf et al (1996)
plot(pam(agriculture, 2))

## Plot similar to Figure 7 in Struyf et al (1996)
## Not run: plot(agnes(agriculture), ask = TRUE)

## Plot similar to Figure 8 in Struyf et al (1996)
## Not run: plot(diana(agriculture), ask = TRUE)

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