#' Creates a pool of workers
#' @param n_jobs      Number of jobs to submit (0 implies local processing)
#' @param data        Set common data (function, constant args, seed)
#' @param reuse       Whether workers are reusable or get shut down after call
#' @param template    A named list of values to fill in template
#' @param log_worker  Write a log file for each worker
#' @param qsys_id     Character string of QSys class to use
#' @param verbose     Print message about worker startup
#' @param ...         Additional arguments passed to the qsys constructor
#' @return            An instance of the QSys class
#' @export
workers = function(n_jobs, data=NULL, reuse=TRUE, template=list(), log_worker=FALSE,
                   qsys_id=getOption("clustermq.scheduler", qsys_default),
                   verbose=FALSE, ...) {
    if (n_jobs == 0)
        return(get("LOCAL", envir=parent.env(environment()))$new())

    gc() # be sure to clean up old rzmq handles (zeromq/libzmq/issues/1108)
    qsys = get(toupper(qsys_id), envir=parent.env(environment()))
    qsys = qsys$new(data=data, reuse=reuse, ...)

    if (log_worker && is.null(template$log_file)) {
        .Deprecated(msg="'log_worker' is deprecated, use template=list(log_file=...) instead")
        template$log_file = paste0("cmq", qsys$id, ".log")

    template$n_jobs = n_jobs
    if (verbose)
        message("Submitting ", n_jobs, " worker jobs (ID: ", qsys$id, ") ...")
    do.call(qsys$submit_jobs, template)

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