cmna: Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis

Provides the source and examples for James P. Howard, II, "Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis with R," <>, a forthcoming book on numerical methods in R.

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AuthorJames P. Howard, II [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-04-05 03:27:42 UTC
Maintainer"James P. Howard, II" <>
LicenseBSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

adaptint: Adaptive Integration

bezier: Bezier curves

bilinear: Bilinear interpolation

bisection: The Bisection Method

bvp: Boundary value problems

choleskymatrix: Cholesky Decomposition

cmna-package: Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis

cubicspline: Natural cubic spline interpolation

detmatrix: Calculate the determinant of the matrix

division: Algorithms for divisions

fibonacci: Fibonacci numbers

findiff: Finite Differences

gaussint: Gaussian integration method driver

gdls: Least squares with graident descent

giniquintile: Gini coefficients

goldsect: Golden Section Search

gradient: Gradient descent

heat: Heat Equation via Forward-Time Central-Space

hillclimbing: Hill climbing

himmelblau: Himmelblau Function

horner: Horner's rule

invmatrix: Invert a matrix

isPrime: Test for Primality

iterativematrix: Solve a matrix using iterative methods

ivp: Initial value problems

ivpsys: Initial value problems for systems of ordinary differential...

linterp: Linear interpolation

lumatrix: LU Decomposition

mcint: Monte Carlo Integration

midpt: rectangle method

newton: Newton's method

nn: Nearest interpolation

nthroot: The n-th root formula

polyinterp: Polynomial interpolation

pwiselinterp: Piecewise linear interpolation

quadratic: The quadratic equation.

refmatrix: Matrix to Row Echelon Form

resizeImage: Image resizing

revolution-solid: Volumes of solids of revolution

romberg: Romberg Integration

rowops: Elementary row operations

sa: Simulated annealing

secant: Secant Method

simp: Simpson's rule

simp38: Simpson's 3/8 rule

summation: Two summing algorithms

trap: Trapezoid method

tridiagmatrix: Solve a tridiagonal matrix

vecnorm: Norm of a vector

wave: Wave Equation using

wilkinson: Wilkinson's Polynomial


adamsbashforth Man page
adaptint Man page
betterpoly Man page
bezier Man page
bilinear Man page
bisection Man page
bvp Man page
bvpexample Man page
bvpexample10 Man page
cbezier Man page
cgmmatrix Man page
choleskymatrix Man page
cmna Man page
cmna-package Man page
cubicspline Man page
detmatrix Man page
discmethod Man page
division Man page
euler Man page
eulersys Man page
fibonacci Man page
findiff Man page
findiff2 Man page
gauss.hermite Man page
gaussint Man page
gauss.laguerre Man page
gauss.legendre Man page
gaussseidel Man page
gd Man page
gdls Man page
giniquintile Man page
goldsect Man page
goldsectmax Man page
goldsectmin Man page
gradasc Man page
graddsc Man page
gradient Man page
heat Man page
hillclimbing Man page
himmelblau Man page
horner Man page
invmatrix Man page
isPrime Man page
iterativematrix Man page
ivp Man page
ivpsys Man page
jacobi Man page
kahansum Man page
linterp Man page
longdiv Man page
lumatrix Man page
mcint Man page
mcint2 Man page
midpt Man page
midptivp Man page
naivediv Man page
naivepoly Man page
naivesum Man page
newton Man page
nn Man page
nthroot Man page
polyinterp Man page
pwiselinterp Man page
pwisesum Man page
qbezier Man page
quadratic Man page
quadratic2 Man page
rdiff Man page
refmatrix Man page
replacerow Man page
resizeImage Man page
resizeImageBL Man page
resizeImageNN Man page
revolution-solid Man page
rhorner Man page
romberg Man page
rowops Man page
rrefmatrix Man page
rungekutta4 Man page
sa Man page
scalerow Man page
secant Man page
shellmethod Man page
simp Man page
simp38 Man page
solvematrix Man page
summation Man page
swaprows Man page
symdiff Man page
trap Man page
tridiagmatrix Man page
tspsa Man page
vecnorm Man page
wave Man page
wilkinson Man page


tests/testthat/test-rect.R tests/testthat/test-trap.R tests/testthat/test-simp.R tests/testthat/test-quadratic.R tests/testthat/test-horner.R tests/testthat/test-sum.R tests/testthat/test-simp38.R
R/bilinear.R R/bisection.R R/wilkinson.R R/secant.R R/invmatrix.R R/fibonacci.R R/ivpsys.R R/giniquintile.R R/ivp.R R/naivediv.R R/isPrime.R R/sa.R R/wave.R R/adaptint.R R/vecnorm.R R/iterativematrix.R R/refmatrix.R R/linterp.R
R/quadratic.R R/polyinterp.R R/cholesky.R R/naivesum.R R/detmatrix.R R/simp38.R R/goldsect.R R/simp.R R/nthroot.R R/lumatrix.R R/hillclimbing.R R/gaussint.R R/gradesc.R R/romberg.R R/bezier.R R/horner.R R/himmelblau.R R/cubicspline.R R/nn.R R/rowops.R R/resizeImage.R R/newton.R R/tridiagmatrix.R R/heat.R R/midpt.R R/mcintegrate.R R/cmna.R R/gdls.R R/pwiselinterp.R R/revolution-solid.R R/trap.R R/bvp.R R/findiff.R
man/findiff.Rd man/gradient.Rd man/sa.Rd man/bvp.Rd man/newton.Rd man/tridiagmatrix.Rd man/goldsect.Rd man/adaptint.Rd man/quadratic.Rd man/pwiselinterp.Rd man/summation.Rd man/choleskymatrix.Rd man/mcint.Rd man/ivp.Rd man/giniquintile.Rd man/vecnorm.Rd man/gaussint.Rd man/heat.Rd man/romberg.Rd man/iterativematrix.Rd man/polyinterp.Rd man/lumatrix.Rd man/trap.Rd man/bisection.Rd man/division.Rd man/isPrime.Rd man/resizeImage.Rd man/gdls.Rd man/secant.Rd man/nthroot.Rd man/simp.Rd man/wilkinson.Rd man/ivpsys.Rd man/bilinear.Rd man/revolution-solid.Rd man/refmatrix.Rd man/detmatrix.Rd man/simp38.Rd man/midpt.Rd man/cubicspline.Rd man/cmna-package.Rd man/wave.Rd man/fibonacci.Rd man/bezier.Rd man/invmatrix.Rd man/nn.Rd man/hillclimbing.Rd man/himmelblau.Rd man/rowops.Rd man/horner.Rd man/linterp.Rd

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