Man pages for cmstatr
Statistical Methods for Composite Material Data

ad_ksampleAnderson-Darling K-Sample Test
anderson_darlingAnderson-Darling test for goodness of fit
augment.mnrAugment data with information from an 'mnr' object
basisCalculate basis values
calc_cv_starCalculate the modified CV from the CV
carbon.fabricSample data for a generic carbon fabric
cmstatr-packagecmstatr: Statistical Methods for Composite Material Data
cvCalculate the coefficient of variation
equiv_change_meanEquivalency based on change in mean value
equiv_mean_extremumTest for decrease in mean or minimum individual
glance.adkGlance at a 'adk' (Anderson-Darling k-Sample) object
glance.anderson_darlingGlance at an 'anderson_darling' object
glance.basisGlance at a basis object
glance.equiv_change_meanGlance at a 'equiv_change_mean' object
glance.equiv_mean_extremumGlance at an 'equiv_mean_extremum' object
glance.leveneGlance at a 'levene' object
glance.mnrGlance at a 'mnr' (maximum normed residual) object
hk_extCalculate values related to Extended Hanson-Koopmans...
k_equivk-factors for determining acceptance based on sample mean and...
k_factor_normalCalculate k factor for basis values (kB, kA) with normal...
levene_testLevene's Test for Equality of Variance
maximum_normed_residualDetect outliers using the maximum normed residual method
nested_data_plotCreate a plot of nested sources of variation
nonpara_binomial_rankRank for distribution-free tolerance bound
normalize_group_meanNormalize values to group means
normalize_ply_thicknessNormalizes strength values to ply thickness
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
stat_esfEmpirical Survival Function
stat_normal_surv_funcNormal Survival Function
transform_mod_cvTransforms data according to the modified CV rule
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