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cocoreg =======

cocoreg is an R-package for extracting shared variation in collections of datasets using regression models. The current stable release is available in CRAN:

The algorithm is described in the paper:

Using regression makes extraction of shared variation in multiple datasets easy: Jussi Korpela, Andreas Henelius, Lauri Ahonen, Arto Klami, Kai Puolamäki, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2016. URL:

The authors' version is available in this repository as cocoreg_plain.pdf. The final publication will be available at


A minimal usage example:

dc <- create_syn_data_toy()
ccr <- cocoreg(dc$data) <- variation_shared_by(dc, 'all') #only on synthetic datasets
ggplot_dclst(list(observed = dc$data, shared =, cocoreg = ccr$data))

library(reshape) #importing from namespace does not work as expected
ggcompare_dclst(list(shared =, cocoreg = ccr$data))


The most important functions in cocoreg are:


Install the release version from CRAN:


Or the development version from GitHub:

# install.packages("devtools")
# library(devtools)

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