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Extract Shared Variation in Collections of Data Sets Using Regression Models

add_notchesAdd notch-like gaussian snippets to an existing signal x
apply_dc_metaApply extracted properties of a data collection to a data...
average_R2_dflstComputes the R^2 (variance explained) between two lists of...
BGFA_cocoreg_interfaceApply GFA using the same interface as cocoreg()
BGFA_joint_infoProject BGFA components common to all datasets back to the...
cocoregThe Common Components by Regression (CoCoReg) algorithm
cocoreg_by_pathCompute D_joint for dataset i separately for all paths Can be...
composeCalculate the composition formed by applying all functions in...
compose_allCalculate the average of the composition formed by applying...
create_mappingsGenerate all possible pairwise mappings between the given...
create_syndata_mvCreate multivariate synthetic data
create_syn_data_puvarA data collection with variables that "become unrelated...
create_syndata_pwlA non-linear data collection using piecewise linearity
create_syn_data_toyAn illustrative synthetic data collection
create_syn_data_udsA data collection with one unrelated dataset
create_syn_data_uvarA collection with unrelated variables
create_Z_linearContains functions to create synthetic datasets with...
cshiftCircularly shift vector elements
data_collections2ggdfCatenate a set of data collections (lists of data.frames)...
data_matrix_rmseCompute RMSE between data.matrices dm1 and dm2
dc_variabilityCompute ds_variability for all datasets in a data collection
df_ggplot_meltMelt data.frame into ggplottable format
dflst2arrayCatenate a list of data.frames to a matrix along dim
dflst2dfCatenate a list of data.frames vertically to a single...
dflst2dfmeltCombine a list of data.frames to a single molten data.frame
dflst_add_dsAdd a data.frame (dataset) to a list of data.frames...
dflst_dsnames2varnamesAppend dataset names to variable names of the respective...
dflst_pcaApply PCA to the data after catenating data.frames...
df_scaleApply scale on a numeric data.frame
df_scale_olsScales variables in data.frame dfx using ordinary least...
dl_remove_NARemove rows with NA values from a list of data.frames
dl_scaleRun scale() on a list of data.frames
ds_variabilityCompute variability_components for a dataset
generate_mapping_functionGenerate a mapping function between two datasets
generate_pathsGenerate all/some paths between points
generate_paths_cyclicGenerate cyclic paths
generate_paths_noncyclicGenerate non-cyclic paths
get_dc_metaExtract important properties of data collection
get_range_datalistGet [min, max] of a list of numeric objects
get_starting_datasetHelper function to get the starting dataset based on a path.
ggcompare_dclstCompare data collections variable by variable
ggplot_dclstPlotting data collections using ggplot
ggplot_dfPlotting data.frame using ggplot
ggplot_dflstPlot a list of data.frames using ggplot2
make_data_gauss_2dMake 2D gauss data (maybe obsolete)
mapping_glmnetDefine a mapping function using glmnet::glmnet
mapping_lmMapping stats::lm
mapping_lmridgeDefine a mapping function using MASS::lm.ridge
mapping_pcrDefine a mapping function using pls::pcr
mapping_rfMapping randomForest
mapping_rlmMapping MASS::rlm
mappings_R2_matrixExtract R2 values from a list of mappings using summary()
mapping_svmMapping svm
mapping_svm_sigmoidMapping svm using sigmoid
matrix_variabilityCompute "variance" of the matrices using Frobenius norm....
nplst_reorder_gridReorders a nested list of ggplots
pathifyCreate a path
PCA_cocoreg_interfacePCA projection using cocoreg interface
rename_variablesRename variables of a data collection
repmatReplicate matrix to create a larger one
RGCCA_cocoreg_interfaceCOCOREG style analysis using RGCCA projection
rmseCompute RMSE between vectors v1 and v2
rotation_matrixA rotation matrix
row_suffle_variabilityDetermine the variability of matrices under row shuffling
SCA_cocoreg_interfaceSCA projection using cocoreg interface
seStandard error of mean
ssSum of squares
svm_sigmoidSVM using sigmoid kernel
to_unit_vecMake vector of unit norm
traverse_nested_listApply fun to the bottom level of a nested list structure
validate_dataValidate a data collection for use with cocoreg
var_explainedSum-of-squares values showing what portion of variance in...
variability_componentsCompute total, within group and between group variability...
variation_shared_byReturn a specific variation component
vecnormCompute Euclidean norm of vector
vector_variabilityCompute "variance" of the vectors var()
wrapper_BGFARun BGFA by Klami et. al. using data format conventions of...
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