BGFA_cocoreg_interface: Apply GFA using the same interface as cocoreg()

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Note: if K is too high GFA() might not converge in a meaningful time or the computation may mysteriously crash.


BGFA_cocoreg_interface(df_list, K = 8, Nrep = 2, threshold = 0.001)



[1,m] list of data.frames, Input data to GFA in COCOREG format


[1,1] int, (Maximum) number of GFA components


[1,1] int, Number of random initializatin used for learning the model


[1,1] double, GFA model trimming threshold


A list with elements:


[1,m] list of data.frames, Original data reconstructed using only those latent components that are active in all datasets


a list, Non-trimmed output of CCAGFA::GFA()


string, Dataset identifier string


string, Analysis method identifier string


[1,1] double, Time taken to run the analysis in seconds

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