Man pages for cocorresp
Co-Correspondence Analysis Methods

beetlesCarabid beetles and vascular plants in Dutch roadside verges
biplotsBiplots of co-correspondence analysis models
bryophyteBryophytes and vascular plants in Carpathian spring meadows
cocaFit Co-Correspondence Analysis Ordination Models
cocorresp-internalInternal cocorresp Functions
cocorresp-packageCo-correspondence analysis ordination methods for community...
coinertiaCo-inertia analysis
coinertiaICoinertia analysis with identity matrices
corAxisCorrelation between ordination axes
crossvalCross-validation for predictive Co-Correspondence Analysis...
envfit.cocaFit an environmental vector or factor to a Co-CA ordination
fitCoinertiaCo-inertia analysis
fitted.symcocaFitted values of a Symmetric Co-Correpsondence analysis...
loadingsCoCA species loadings
mcChiStandardised chi-square residuals
permutest.cocaPermutation test for predictive co-correspondence analysis...
plot.predcocaBiplots for predictive co-correspondence analysis
plot.symcocaPlots for symmetric co-correspondence analysis
points.cocaAdd points to a Co-CA plot
rescaleRescales CoCA species scores
resid.symcocaExtract Model Residuals
scaleChiStandardised chi-square residuals
scores.predcocaGet Species or Site Scores from an Ordination
screeplot.symcocaScreeplot for symmetric co-correspondence analysis
simplsModified version of Sijmen de Jong's SIMPLS
summary.predcocaSummarizing Co-CA Model Fits
weightsExctract CoCA model weights
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