createCond: Creating a List with Standard Values

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createCond creates a list with standard variables to be used as an input parameter for calculating comfort indices using the function "calcComfInd".





logical. If a = TRUE, function returns a list of standard conditions. If a = FALSE, function returns a list of empty variables which may be edited manually. see details for further information.


lsstrd and lsEmpty contain the following elements

Variable name values in lsstrd values in lsEmpty description
ta 25 NA Air temperature in (degree C)
tr 25 NA mean radiant temperature in (degree C)
vel .1 NA Air velocity (m/s)
rh 50 NA Relative Humidity (%)
clo .5 NA clothing (do)
met 1 NA metabolic rate (met)
wme 0 NA External work (met)
tu 40 NA turbulence intensity (%)
tmmo 15 NA mean monthly outdoor temperature in (degree C)
ltime 60 NA Exposure time (min)
pb 760 NA Barometric pressure (torr)
wt 70 NA weight (Kg)
ht 171 NA height (cm)
trm 15 NA Running mean outdoor temperature in (degree C)
age 21 NA age (years)
gender 1 NA gender (female = 1)
tsk 35 NA mean skin temperature in (degree C)
psych -1.4 NA factor related to fixed effect on perceived control
apCoeff .293 NA adaptive coefficient for pmv
epCoeff .9 NA expectancy factor for pmv
asCoeff .2 NA adaptive coefficient for set
esCoeff 1.3 NA expectancy factor for set
asv 1.5 NA actual sensation vote (0 = neutral)
tao 5 NA outdoor air temperature
rho 70 NA outdoor relative humidity
frad .7 NA 0.7(for seating), 0.73(for standing) [-]
eps .95 NA emissivity [-]
ic 1.085 NA 1.084 (average permeability), 0.4 (low permeability)
tcr 37 NA initial values for core temp
tsk 36 NA initial values for skin temperature
basMet 58.2 NA basal metabolic rate
warmUp 60 NA length of warm up period, i.e. number of times, loop is running for HBx calculation
cdil 100 NA value for cdil in 2-node model of Gagge (applied in calculation of HbEx)
sigmatr .25 NA value for cdil in 2-node model of Gagge (applied in calculation of HbEx)



List, which is created for a = TRUE; contains standard conditions.


List, which is created for a = FALSE; contains empty variables to be modified manually.


Sophia Mueller and Marcel Schweiker

See Also

see also calcComfInd


## Creating list with standard variables

## Creating list with empty values
createCond(a = FALSE)

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