subsc: Converts a string to UTF-8 subscript

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Converts a string to UTF-8 subscript


The subsc function translates a normal character to a UTF-8 subscript character. The function can be used to generate subscripts for many common characters. All numeric characters and some lower case letters have UTF-8 subscripts. There are no upper case subscript letters. This function is useful because it saves you from having to look up the subscript character code, or copy and paste from the internet. If a corresponding subscript character code does not exist, a question mark will be returned for that character.





A string to be converted to subscript.


The subscript version of the string passed to the function, if one exists. Otherwise, a question mark will be returned.

See Also

Other utf8: supsc(), symbol()


# Date string
paste0("December 5", subsc("th"))

# Chemistry
paste0("H", subsc("2"), "SO", subsc("4"))

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