supsc: Converts a string to UTF-8 superscript

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Converts a string to UTF-8 superscript


The supsc function translates a normal character to a UTF-8 superscript character. The function can be used to generate superscripts for many common characters. Most alphabetic and numeric characters have UTF-8 superscripts. This function is useful because it saves you from having to look up the superscript character code, or copy and pasting from the internet. If a corresponding superscript character code does not exist, a question mark will be returned for that character.





A string to be converted to superscript.


The superscript version of the string passed to the function, if one exists. Otherwise, a question mark will be returned.

See Also

Other utf8: subsc(), symbol()


# Single letter
paste0(supsc("a"), "Footnote")

# Single number
paste0(supsc("1"), "Footnote")

# Character string
paste0("December 5", supsc("th"))

# Formula
paste0("x", supsc("(a+1)"))

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