Man pages for compareGroups
Descriptive Analysis by Groups

cGroupsGUIGraphical user interface based on tcltk tools
cGroupsWUIWeb User Interface based on Shiny tools.
compareGroupsDescriptives by groups
compareGroups-internalInternal compareGroups functions
compareGroups-packageDescriptive analysis by groups
compareSNPsSummarise genetic data by groups.
createTableTable of descriptives by groups: bivariate table
descrTablePerform descriptives and build the bivariate table.
export2csvExporting descriptives table to plain text (CSV) format
export2htmlExporting descriptives table to HTML format
export2latexExporting descriptives table to LaTeX format
export2mdExporting descriptives table to Markdown format
export2pdfExports tables to PDF files.
export2wordExports tables to Word files.
export2xlsExporting descriptives table to Exel format (.xlsx or .xls)
getResultsEasily retrieve summary data as R-objects (matrices and...
missingTableTable of missingness counts by groups.
predimedPREDIMED randomized trial
printTable'Nice' table format.
radiographLists the values in the data set.
regicorREGICOR cross-sectional data
reportReport of descriptive tables and plots.
strataTableStratify descriptive table in stratas.
varinfoVariable names and labels extraction
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