Man pages for compete
Analyzing Social Hierarchies

bonobosBonobo sociomatrix
caribouCaribou sociomatrix
dciGet the directional consistency index (DCI) of a sociomatrix.
dc_testRandomization Test of DC and Skew-Symmetry of a Sociomatrix.
devriesCalculate the linearity of a dominance hierarchy - De Vries'...
dsGet David's Scores of Individuals
elWinner-Loser Edgelist
get_di_matrixTransforms a frequency interaction sociomatrix (valued data)...
get_wl_dfConverts results dataframe to win-loss dataframe
get_wl_matrixConverts win-loss dataframe to win-loss matrix
isi13Compute best ranked matrixed based on new I&SI method
isi98Compute best ranked matrixed based on original I&SI method
mouseMouse sociomatrix
org_matrixOrganize rows and columns of a matrix
peopleHuman sociomatrix
phiGet the phi skew-symmetry of a sociomatrix.
randomtourneyGenerates a randomized tournament with random outcomes
rshpsGet Relaiontship Descriptives of Sociomatrix
sparsenessCalculate the sparseness of relationships in a sociomatrix
ttriGet Triangle Transitivity of Sociomatrix
ttri_testSignficance testing of Triangle Transitivity of Sociomatrix
unknownsCalculate the number of unknown relationships in a...
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