Man pages for conStruct
Models Spatially Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure

calculate.layer.contributionCalculate layer contribution
compare.two.runsCompare two conStruct runs
conStructRun a conStruct analysis.
conStruct.dataExample dataset used in a 'conStruct' analysis
conStruct-packageThe 'conStruct' package.
data.blockExample 'data.block' generated by a 'conStruct' analysis
make.admix.pie.plotMake admixture pie plot
make.all.the.plotsMake output plots
make.structure.plotMake STRUCTURE output plot
match.layers.x.runsMatch layers up across independent conStruct runs
structure2conStructConvert a dataset from STRUCTURE to conStruct format
x.validationRun a conStruct cross-validation analysis
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