Man pages for confintr
Confidence Intervals

ci_chisq_ncpCI for the NCP of the Chi-Squared Distribution
ci_corCI for Correlation Coefficients
ci_cramersvCI for the Population Cramer's V
ci_f_ncpCI for the Non-Centrality Parameter of the F Distribution
ci_IQRCI for the IQR
ci_kurtosisCI for the Kurtosis
ci_madCI for the MAD
ci_meanCI for the Population Mean
ci_mean_diffCI for the Population Mean Difference
ci_medianCI for the Population Median
ci_median_diffCI for the Population Median Difference of two Samples
ci_oddsratioCI for the Odds Ratio
ci_proportionCI for a Population Proportion
ci_quantileCI for a Population Quantile
ci_quantile_diffCI for the Population Quantile Difference of two Samples
ci_rsquaredCI for the Population R-Squared
ci_sdCI for the Population Std
ci_skewnessCI for the Skewness
ci_varCI for the Population Variance
cramersvCramer's V
is.cintType Check
kurtosisPearson's Measure of Kurtosis
momentSample Moments
oddsratioOdds Ratio
print.cintPrint "cint" Object
seStandard errors
skewnessSample Skewness
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