codelist: Country Code Translation Data Frame (Cross-Sectional)

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A data frame used internally by the countrycode() function. 'countrycode' can use any valid code as destination, but only some codes can be used as origin.


data frame with codes as columns


Origin and Destination:

Destination only:


The Correlates of War (cow) and Polity 4 (p4) project produce codes in country year format. Some countries go through political transitions that justify changing codes over time. When building a purely cross-sectional conversion dictionary, this forces us to make arbitrary choices with respect to some entities (e.g., Western Germany, Vietnam, Serbia). 'countrycode' includes a reconciled dataset in panel format: 'countrycode::countrycode_panel'. Instead of converting code, we recommend that users dealing with panel data "left-merge" their data into this panel dictionary.

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