dagR: R functions for directed acyclic graphs

Functions to draw, manipulate, evaluate directed acyclic graphs and simulate corresponding data.

AuthorLutz P Breitling
Date of publication2014-01-09 15:20:22
MaintainerLutz P Breitling <lutz.breitling@gmail.com>

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Man pages

addAngle: Sum up two radian angles.

add.arc: Add an arc to a DAG.

add.node: Add a node to an existing DAG.

allCombs: Create all combinations of the elements of a vector.

angle: Calculate radian angle of line between two points.

anglePoint: Calculate coordinates at specific angle and distance.

assoc.exists: Check if association between two DAG nodes exists.

brute.search: Evaluate all possible adjustment sets of a DAG.

dag.adjust: Adjust an existing DAG for covariables.

dag.adjustment: Adjust a DAG for one or more variables.

dag.ancestors: Identify ancestors of DAG nodes.

dag.draw: Draw a DAG.

dag.init: Set up a new DAG.

dag.legend: Write the legend in a DAG drawing.

dag.letter: Write a DAG node symbol.

dag.move: Interactively move a node or curving point in a DAG.

dagR-package: R functions for directed acyclic graphs

dag.search: Evaluate possible adjustment sets of a DAG.

dag.sim: Simulate data based on a DAG.

demo.dag0: Set up demo DAG #0.

demo.dag1: Set up demo DAG #1.

demo.dag2: Set up demo DAG #2.

demo.dag3: Set up demo DAG #3.

demo.dag4: Set up demo DAG #4.

demo.dag5: Set up demo DAG #5.

demo.dag6: Set up demo DAG #6.

demo.dag7: Set up demo DAG #7.

distPoints: Calculate distance between two points.

eval.paths: Evaluate potentially biasing paths in a DAG.

find.paths: Find potentially biasing paths in a DAG.

garrows: Draw a directed arc in a DAG.

inAngle: Calculate angle between two arcs.

is.acyclic: Check if a DAG actually is acyclic.

is.in: Check if a specific numeric value occurs in a vector.

is.unknown: Check if a DAG node presents an unknown variable.

msas: Identify minimal sufficient adjustment sets.

rm.arc: Remove an arc from a DAG.

rm.node: Remove a node from a DAG.

smoothArc: Draw an undirected assocation in a DAG.

summary_dagRdag: Summarize a DAG.

viv: Is a numeric vector in another vector?

write.paths: Write the paths into a DAG drawing.


addAngle Man page
add.arc Man page
add.node Man page
allCombs Man page
angle Man page
anglePoint Man page
assoc.exists Man page
brute.search Man page
dag.adjust Man page
dag.adjustment Man page
dag.ancestors Man page
dag.draw Man page
dag.init Man page
dag.legend Man page
dag.letter Man page
dag.move Man page
dagR Man page
dagR-package Man page
dag.search Man page
dag.sim Man page
demo.dag0 Man page
demo.dag1 Man page
demo.dag2 Man page
demo.dag3 Man page
demo.dag4 Man page
demo.dag5 Man page
demo.dag6 Man page
demo.dag7 Man page
distPoints Man page
eval.paths Man page
find.paths Man page
garrows Man page
inAngle Man page
is.acyclic Man page
is.in Man page
is.unknown Man page
msas Man page
rm.arc Man page
rm.node Man page
smoothArc Man page
summary_dagRdag Man page
viv Man page
write.paths Man page


dagR/R/allCombs.R dagR/R/dag.legend.R dagR/R/dag.search.R dagR/R/demo.dag6.R dagR/R/angle.R dagR/R/demo.dag3.R dagR/R/demo.dag5.R dagR/R/anglePoint.R dagR/R/dag.move.R dagR/R/dag.draw.R dagR/R/rm.node.R dagR/R/add.arc.R dagR/R/eval.paths.R dagR/R/garrows.R dagR/R/dag.adjust.R dagR/R/summary_dagRdag.R dagR/R/is.in.R dagR/R/demo.dag2.R dagR/R/dag.adjustment.R dagR/R/write.paths.R dagR/R/inAngle.R dagR/R/msas.R dagR/R/demo.dag0.R dagR/R/viv.R dagR/R/rm.arc.R dagR/R/dag.ancestors.R dagR/R/demo.dag1.R dagR/R/find.paths.R dagR/R/demo.dag7.R dagR/R/dag.sim.R dagR/R/is.unknown.R dagR/R/dag.init.R dagR/R/dag.letter.R dagR/R/add.node.R dagR/R/brute.search.R dagR/R/is.acyclic.R dagR/R/demo.dag4.R dagR/R/smoothArc.R dagR/R/distPoints.R dagR/R/assoc.exists.R dagR/R/addAngle.R
dagR/man/demo.dag7.Rd dagR/man/summary_dagRdag.Rd dagR/man/angle.Rd dagR/man/msas.Rd dagR/man/dag.move.Rd dagR/man/rm.node.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag4.Rd dagR/man/is.acyclic.Rd dagR/man/dag.draw.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag5.Rd dagR/man/allCombs.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag6.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag3.Rd dagR/man/anglePoint.Rd dagR/man/eval.paths.Rd dagR/man/find.paths.Rd dagR/man/dag.search.Rd dagR/man/dag.adjust.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag1.Rd dagR/man/dag.letter.Rd dagR/man/viv.Rd dagR/man/brute.search.Rd dagR/man/dag.sim.Rd dagR/man/dagR-package.Rd dagR/man/addAngle.Rd dagR/man/assoc.exists.Rd dagR/man/garrows.Rd dagR/man/is.unknown.Rd dagR/man/write.paths.Rd dagR/man/dag.ancestors.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag0.Rd dagR/man/dag.adjustment.Rd dagR/man/is.in.Rd dagR/man/add.arc.Rd dagR/man/inAngle.Rd dagR/man/smoothArc.Rd dagR/man/distPoints.Rd dagR/man/rm.arc.Rd dagR/man/dag.legend.Rd dagR/man/demo.dag2.Rd dagR/man/add.node.Rd dagR/man/dag.init.Rd

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