Man pages for dagR
R Functions for Directed Acyclic Graphs

addAngleSum up two radian angles.
add.arcAdd an arc to a DAG.
add.nodeAdd a node to an existing DAG.
allCombsCreate all combinations of the elements of a vector.
angleCalculate radian angle of line between two points.
anglePointCalculate coordinates at specific angle and distance.
assoc.existsCheck if association between two DAG nodes exists.
brute.searchEvaluate all possible adjustment sets of a DAG.
dag.adjustAdjust an existing DAG for covariables.
dag.adjustmentAdjust a DAG for one or more variables.
dag.ancestorsIdentify ancestors of DAG nodes.
dag.drawDraw a DAG.
dag.initSet up a new DAG.
dag.legendWrite the legend in a DAG drawing.
dag.letterWrite a DAG node symbol.
dag.letter2Return a DAG node symbol.
dag.moveInteractively move a node or curving point in a DAG.
dagR2dagittyCreate dagitty code from a dagR DAG
dagR-packageR functions for directed acyclic graphs
dag.searchEvaluate possible adjustment sets of a DAG.
dag.simSimulate data based on a DAG.
demo.dag0Set up demo DAG #0.
demo.dag1Set up demo DAG #1.
demo.dag2Set up demo DAG #2.
demo.dag3Set up demo DAG #3.
demo.dag4Set up demo DAG #4.
demo.dag5Set up demo DAG #5.
demo.dag6Set up demo DAG #6.
demo.dag7Set up demo DAG #7.
distPointsCalculate distance between two points.
eval.pathsEvaluate potentially biasing paths in a DAG.
find.pathsFind potentially biasing paths in a DAG.
garrowsDraw a directed arc in a DAG.
inAngleCalculate angle between two arcs.
is.acyclicCheck if a DAG actually is acyclic.
is.inCheck if a specific numeric value occurs in a vector.
is.unknownCheck if a DAG node presents an unknown variable.
msasIdentify minimal sufficient adjustment sets.
plot.dagRdagFunction to draw a DAG
print.dagRdagPrints the raw contents of an object of class dagRdag.
rm.arcRemove an arc from a DAG.
rm.nodeRemove a node from a DAG.
smoothArcDraw an undirected assocation in a DAG.
summary_dagRdagSummarize a DAG.
summary.dagRdagSummarize a DAG.
vivIs a numeric vector in another vector?
write.pathsWrite the paths into a DAG drawing.
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