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R Interface to the DataONE REST API

AbstractTableDescriber-classBase Class for Specific Metadata Parsers
addDataAdd a D1Object containing a data object to a DataPackage
archiveArchive an object on a Member Node or Coordinating Node,...
asDataFramereturn the D1Object data as a data.frame.
auth_deleteDELETE a resource with authenticated credentials.
AuthenticationManagerCreate an AuthenticationManager object
AuthenticationManager-classManage DataONE authentication.
auth_getGET a resource with authenticated credentials if available.
auth_headSend a http HEAD request for a resource with authenticated...
auth_postPOST a resource with authenticated credentials.
auth_putPUT a resource with authenticated credentials.
auth_put_post_deletePOST, PUT, or DELETE a resource with authenticated...
canReadTest whether the provided subject can read an object.
CertificateManagerCreate a CertificateManager object
CertificateManager-classCertficateManager provides mechanisms to obtain, load,...
CNodeCreate a CNode object.
CNode-classProvides R API to DataONE Coordinating Node services.
convert.csvConvert a DataFrame to Standard CSV.
createD1ObjectCreate the Object in the DataONE System
createDataPackageCreate a DataPackage on a DataONE Member Node
createObjectCreate an object on a Member Node.
D1ClientThe DataONE client class used to download, update and search...
D1Client-classThe D1Client class contains methods that perform high level...
D1Client-initializeInitialize a D1Client object
d1_errorsThis function parses a DataONE service response message for...
d1IdentifierSearchQuery the DataONE Solr endpoint of the Coordinating Node.
D1NodeCreate a D1Node object.
D1Node-classA base class for CNode and MNode.
D1Node-initializeInitialize a D1Node
D1ObjectCreate a D1Object instance.
D1Object-classD1Object (Defunct) is a representation of a DataObject.
D1Object-initializeInitialize a D1Object
d1SolrQueryA method to query the DataONE solr endpoint of the...
data.formatFamilyData Format
dataoneSearch, download and upload data to the DataONE network.
data.tableAttributeNamesreturns the attribute names
data.tableAttributeOrientationThe Attribute (Header) Orientation
data.tableAttributeStorageTypesreturns the attributes' data storage types
data.tableAttributeTypesreturns the attributes' data types
data.tableFieldDelimiterField Delimiter
data.tableMissingValueCodesreturns missing value codes
data.tableQuoteCharacterQuote Character
data.tableSkipLinesHeaderNumber of lines to skip before reading data
describeObjectEfficiently get systemmetadata for an object.
documented.d1IdentifiersGet DataONE identifiers
documented.entityNamesGet the entity names associated with each table
documented.sizesGet the sizes of the described data tables.
downloadCertOpen the CILogon Certificate download page in the default...
downloadObjectDownload an object from the DataONE Federation to Disk.
echoCredentialsEcho the credentials used to make the call.
EMLParserConstruct an EML parser object.
EMLParser-classHandler for Parsing Table Format Details from Metadata
encodeSolrEncode the input for Solr Queries
encodeUrlPathEncode the Input for a URL Path Segment.
encodeUrlQueryEncode the Input for a URL Query Segment.
evaluateAuthEvaluate DataONE authentication.
generateIdentifierGet a unique identifier that is generated by the Member Node...
getAuthExpiresGet the expiration date of the current authentication method.
getAuthMethodGet the current valid authentication mechanism.
getAuthSubjectGet the authentication subject.
getCapabilitiesGet the node capabilities description, and store the...
getCertGet the DataONE X.509 Certificate location.
getCertExpiresShow the date and time when an X.509 certificate expires.
getCertInfoGet X.509 Certificate information
getCertLocationGet the file path on disk of the client certificate file.
getChecksumGet the checksum for the data object associated with the...
getCNGet the coordinating node associated with this D1Client...
getD1ObjectDownload a data object from the DataONE Federation.
getDataGet the data content of a D1Object.
getDataObjectDownload a from the DataONE Federation as a DataObject.
getDataPackageDownload data from the DataONE Federation as a DataPackage.
getEndpointReturn the URL endpoint for the DataONE Coordinating Node.
getErrorDescriptionExtract an error message from an http response.
getFormatGet information for a single DataONE object format
getFormatIdGet the FormatId of the D1Object
getIdentifierGet the Identifier of the D1Object
getMetadataMemberGet the DataObject containing package metadata
getMNGet a member node client based on its node identifier.
getMNodeGet a reference to a node based on its identifier
getMNodeIdGet the member node identifier associated with this D1Client...
getObjectGet the bytes associated with an object on this Node.
getPackageDownload a data package from a member node.
getQueryEngineDescriptionQuery a node for the list of query engines available on the...
getSystemMetadataGet the metadata describing system properties associated with...
getTokenGet the value of the DataONE Authentication Token, if one...
getTokenInfoGet authentication token information
get_user_agentUser agent string
hasReservationChecks to determine if the supplied subject is the owner of...
isAuthExpiredCheck if the currently valid authentication method has...
isAuthorizedCheck if an action is authorized for the specified identifier
isAuthValidVerify authentication for a member node.
isCertExpiredDetermine if an X.509 certificate has expired.
listFormatsList all object formats registered in DataONE.
listMemberNodesList DataONE Member Nodes.
listNodesGet the list of nodes associated with a CN
listObjectsRetrieve the list of objects that match the search parameters
listQueryEnginesQuery a node for the list of query engines available on the...
MNodeCreate a MNode object representing a DataONE Member Node...
MNode-classProvides R API to DataONE Member Node services.
obscureAuthTemporarily disable DataONE authentication.
obscureCertObscure the CILogon Client Certificate
parseCapabilitiesConstruct a Node, using a passed in capabilities XML
parseSolrResultParse Solr output into an R list
pingTest if a node is online and accepting DataONE requests
querySearch DataONE for data and metadata objects
reserveIdentifierReserve a identifier that is unique in the DataONE network.
resolveGet a list of coordinating nodes holding a given pid.
restoreAuthRestore authentication (after being disabled with...
restoreCertRestore the CILogon client certificate by renaming it to its...
setMNodeIdSet the member node identifier to be associated with the...
setObsoletedBySet a pid as being obsoleted by another pid
setPublicAccessMake the object publicly readable.
showAuthDisplay all authentication information
showClientSubjectGet DataONE Identity as Stored in the CILogon Certificate.
updateObjectUpdate an object on a Member Node, by creating a new object...
updateSystemMetadataUpdate the system metadata associated with an object.
uploadDataObjectUpload a DataObject to a DataONE member node.
uploadDataPackageUpload a DataPackage to a DataONE member node.
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