Man pages for dbEmpLikeNorm
Test for joint assessment of normality

BayesWaysInternal Function for Baysian Approach
computePvalInternal Function for computePval
computeQhatInternal Function for calculating the posterior expectation...
computeValueInternal Function for computeValue
datamatPvalue Data Tables
dbELnormGoodness of Fit Test for Normality Among Multiple Groups
dbEmpLikeNormEmpirical Likelihood Joint Assessment of Normality
getCutoffTableInternal Function for estimating starting test statistic...
getCutoffValueInternal Function for getCutoffValue
helperGetTstatInternal Function for generating a sample experiement
returnCutoffValueEstimates The Statistic Cutoff For A Target Alpha
varianceEstimatorInternal Function for calculating an estimation of variance
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