Man pages for decisionSupport
Quantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty Monte Carlo simulation results to a data frame.
chance_eventsimulate occurrence of random events
corMatReturn the Correlation Matrix.
corMat-setReplace correlation matrix.
decisionSupportWelfare Decision and Value of Information Analysis wrapper...
decisionSupport-packageQuantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty.
discountDiscount time series for Net Present Value (NPV) calculation
estimateCreate a multivariate estimate object.
estimate1dCreate a 1-dimensional estimate object.
estimate_read_csvRead an Estimate from CSV - File.
estimate_write_csvWrite an Estimate to CSV - File.
eviSimulationExpected Value of Information (EVI) Simulation.
gompertz_yieldGompertz function yield prediction for perennials
hist.eviSimulationPlot Histograms of results of an EVI simulation
hist.mcSimulationPlot Histogram of results of a Monte Carlo Simulation
hist.welfareDecisionAnalysisPlot Histogram of results of a Welfare Decision Analysis
individualEvpiSimulationIndividual Expected Value of Perfect Information Simulation
make_CPTMake Conditional Probability tables using the likelihood...
mcSimulationPerform a Monte Carlo simulation.
paramtnormci_fitFit parameters of truncated normal distribution based on a...
paramtnormci_numericReturn parameters of truncated normal distribution based on a...
plainNames2data.frameNamesTransform model function variable names: plain to data.frame...
plsr.mcSimulationPartial Least Squares Regression (PLSR) of Monte Carlo...
print.mcSimulationPrint Basic Results from Monte Carlo Simulation.
print.summary.eviSimulationPrint the Summarized EVI Simulation Results.
print.summary.mcSimulationPrint the summary of a Monte Carlo simulation.
print.summary.welfareDecisionAnalysisPrint the summarized Welfare Decision Analysis results.
randomQuantiles or empirically based generic random number...
random.estimateGenerate random numbers for an estimate.
random.estimate1dGenerate univariate random numbers defined by a 1-d estimate.
random_stateDraw a random state for a categorical variable
rdist90ci_exact90%-confidence interval based univariate random number...
rdistq_fitQuantiles based univariate random number generation (by...
rmvnorm90ci_exact90%-confidence interval multivariate normal random number...
row.names.estimateGet and set attributes of an 'estimate' object.
rtnorm90ci90%-confidence interval based truncated normal random number...
sample_CPTSample a Conditional Probability Table
sample_simple_CPTMake Conditional Probability tables using the likelihood...
sort.summary.eviSimulationSort Summarized EVI Simulation Results..
summary.eviSimulationSummarize EVI Simulation Results
summary.mcSimulationSummarize results from Monte Carlo simulation.
summary.welfareDecisionAnalysisSummarize Welfare Decision Analysis results.
temp_situationsSituation occurrence and resolution
vvvalue varier function
welfareDecisionAnalysisAnalysis of the underlying welfare based decision problem.
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