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This function calculates the distribution parameters, i.e. mean and sd, of a truncated normal distribution from an arbitrary confidence interval.


paramtnormci_numeric(p, ci, lowerTrunc = -Inf, upperTrunc = Inf,
  relativeTolerance = 0.05, rootMethod = "probability", ...)



numeric 2-dimensional vector; probabilities of lower and upper bound of the corresponding confidence interval.


numeric 2-dimensional vector; lower, i.e ci[[1]], and upper bound, i.e ci[[2]], of the confidence interval.


numeric; lower truncation point of the distribution (>= -Inf).


numeric; upper truncation point of the distribution (<= Inf).


numeric; the relative tolerance level of deviation of the generated confidence interval from the specified interval. If this deviation is greater than relativeTolerance a warning is given.


character; if ="probability" the equation defining the parameters mean and sd is the difference between calculated and given probabilities of the confidence interval; if ="quantile" the equation defining the parameters is the difference between calculated and given upper and lower value of the confidence interval.


Further parameters passed to nleqslv.


For details of the truncated normal distribution see tnorm.


A list with elements mean and sd, i.e. the parameters of the underlying normal distribution.

See Also

tnorm, nleqslv

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