demography: Forecasting Mortality, Fertility, Migration and Population Data

Functions for demographic analysis including lifetable calculations; Lee-Carter modelling; functional data analysis of mortality rates, fertility rates, net migration numbers; and stochastic population forecasting.

AuthorRob J Hyndman with contributions from Heather Booth, Leonie Tickle and John Maindonald.
Date of publication2017-02-16 17:27:41
MaintainerRob J Hyndman <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ausfert: Australian fertility data

coherentfdm: Coherent functional demographic model for grouped data

combine.demogdata: Combine two demogdata objects into one demogdata object

compare.demogdata: Evaluation of demographic forecast accuracy

demogdata: Create demogdata object from raw data matrices

demography-package: Forecasting mortality and fertility data

extract.ages: Extract some ages from a demogdata object

extract.years: Extract some years from a demogdata object

fdm: Functional demographic model

forecast.fdm: Forecast functional demographic model.

forecast.fdmpr: Forecast coherent functional demographic model.

forecast.lca: Forecast demogdata data using Lee-Carter method.

fr.mort: French mortality data

hmd: Read demographic data from the Human Mortality Database

isfe: Integrated Squared Forecast Error for models of various...

lca: Model mortality or fertility data using Lee-Carter approach

life.expectancy: Estimate life expectancy from mortality rates

lifetable: Construct lifetables from mortality rates

mean.demogdata: Mean and median functions for data of class demogdata

migration: Calculate net migration from mortality and fertility data

models: Show model information for the forecast coefficients in FDM...

monotonic: Monotonic interpolating splines

plot.demogdata: Plot age-specific demographic functions

plot.errorfdm: Plot differences between actuals and estimates from fitted...

plot.fmforecast: Plot forecasts from a functional demographic modell

plot.lifetable: Plot life expectancy from lifetable

pop.sim: Population simulation

read.demogdata: Read demographic data and construct demogdata object

residuals.fmm: Compute residuals and fitted values from functional...

set.upperage: Combine the upperages of a demogdata object.

sex.ratio: Compute sex ratios from mortality rates

simulate.fmforecast: Simulate future sample paths from functional demographic...

smooth.demogdata: Create smooth demogdata functions

summary.fdm: Summary for functional demographic model or Lee-Carter model

tfr: Compute total fertility rate from fertility rates

update: Updating functional demographic models and coherent...


aus.fert Man page
bms Man page
cm.spline Man page
cm.splinefun Man page
coherentfdm Man page
combine.demogdata Man page
compare.demogdata Man page
demogdata Man page
demography Man page
demography-package Man page
e0 Man page
extract.ages Man page
extract.years Man page
fdm Man page
fitted.fdm Man page
fitted.lca Man page
flife.expectancy Man page
forecast.fdm Man page
forecast.fdmpr Man page
forecast.lca Man page
fr.mort Man page Man page
hmd Man page
hmd.e0 Man page Man page
hmd.pop Man page
isfe Man page
isfe.demogdata Man page
lca Man page
life.expectancy Man page
lifetable Man page
lines.demogdata Man page
lines.lifetable Man page
mean.demogdata Man page
median.demogdata Man page
models Man page
models.fmforecast Man page
models.fmforecast2 Man page
netmigration Man page
plot.demogdata Man page
plot.errorfdm Man page
plot.fmforecast Man page
plot.lca Man page
plot.lifetable Man page
points.demogdata Man page
pop.sim Man page
read.demogdata Man page
residuals.fdm Man page
residuals.lca Man page
set.upperage Man page
sex.ratio Man page
simulate.fmforecast Man page
simulate.fmforecast2 Man page
smooth.demogdata Man page
summary.fdm Man page
summary.lca Man page
tfr Man page
update.fmforecast Man page
update.fmforecast2 Man page


demography/R/hmd.R demography/R/fertility.R demography/R/fdm.R demography/R/lifetable.R demography/R/demogdata.R demography/R/update.R demography/R/monotonic.R demography/R/smooth.R demography/R/lca.R demography/R/simulate.R demography/R/coherent.R demography/R/netmigration.R demography/R/attach.R demography/R/robust.R
demography/man/plot.demogdata.Rd demography/man/forecast.fdm.Rd demography/man/models.Rd demography/man/coherentfdm.Rd demography/man/sex.ratio.Rd demography/man/fr.mort.Rd demography/man/smooth.demogdata.Rd demography/man/pop.sim.Rd demography/man/forecast.fdmpr.Rd demography/man/extract.ages.Rd demography/man/set.upperage.Rd demography/man/update.Rd demography/man/mean.demogdata.Rd demography/man/extract.years.Rd demography/man/ausfert.Rd demography/man/forecast.lca.Rd demography/man/simulate.fmforecast.Rd demography/man/demography-package.Rd demography/man/fdm.Rd demography/man/hmd.Rd demography/man/summary.fdm.Rd demography/man/combine.demogdata.Rd demography/man/residuals.fmm.Rd demography/man/demogdata.Rd demography/man/migration.Rd demography/man/monotonic.Rd demography/man/tfr.Rd demography/man/life.expectancy.Rd demography/man/lca.Rd demography/man/plot.errorfdm.Rd demography/man/lifetable.Rd demography/man/read.demogdata.Rd demography/man/compare.demogdata.Rd demography/man/plot.lifetable.Rd demography/man/plot.fmforecast.Rd demography/man/isfe.Rd

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