response-classes: Class "GLMresponse" and class "transInit"

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Specific instances of response models for depmix models.


The GLMresponse-class offers an interface to the glm functions that are subsequently used in fitting the depmix model of which the response is a part.

The transInit is an extension of response that is used to model the transition matrix and the initial state probabilities by the use of a multinomial logistic model, the difference being that in fact the response is missing as the transitions between states are not observed. This class has its own fit function which is an interface to the multinom function in nnet.


Both GLMresponse and transInit contain the response-class. In addition to the slots of that class, these classes have the following slots:


A formula that specifies the model.


A family object specifying the link function. See the GLMresponse help page for possible options.

Accessor Functions

The following functions should be used for accessing the corresponding slots:


The number of parameters of the model.


The number of non-fixed parameters.


Ingmar Visser & Maarten Speekenbrink

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