Man pages for detzrcr
Compare Detrital Zircon Suites

calc_abCalculate slope and intercept
calc_densCalculate 1D density of age data
calc_dens_histCalculate scaled 1d density
calc_dkwDvoretzky-Kiefer-Wolfowitz inequality
calc_hfCalculate hafnium values.
calc_o_paramCalculate 1-O
calc_p_applyCalculate intercepts and associated p-value
calc_quantilesCalculate quantiles
check_concCheck concordancy of input ages
combine_matricesCombine two square matrices
concXCalculate U235 at given age
concYCalculate U238 at given age
dzr_mixCalculate mixing model
find_maximaFind maxima.
find_plot_maxFind maximum value for plotting.
find_plot_minFind minimum value for plotting
find_plot_min_maxWrapper function for 'find_plot_min' and 'find_plot_max'
hfhf_chur176Hf/177Hf value of CHUR.
hfhf_dm176Lu/177Hf value of DM.
hf_linesProduce CHUR and DM lines
lambda_luDecay constant of 176Lu.
lambda_u235Decay constants of 235U.
lambda_u238Decay constants of 238U.
luhf_chur176Lu/177Hf value of CHUR.
luhf_dm176Lu/177Hf value of DM.
luhf_zrc176Lu/177Hf value of average continental crust.
make_tilingProduce data.frame of 1-O matrix suitable for geom_tile
Natal_groupDataset Natal group
o_param_matrix_agePopulate matrix with age 1-O
o_param_matrix_tdmPopulate matrix with model age 1-O
plot_axis_limAxes limits for ggplot2
plot_bw_themeStripped down theme for ggplot2
plot_densPlot 1d density
plot_dens_histPlot 1d density with histogram
plot_ecdfPlot ecdf
plot_hfPlot Lu-Hf data
plot_labelsLabels for ggplot2 plots
plot_point_scaleAdd manual shape scale to scatter plot
plot_quantilesPlot quantiles
plot_reiminkPlot likelihood of intercept ages
plot_text_optionsModify text options of plots
plot_tileTile plot of 1-O matrix
populate_matrixPopulate matrix
quant_boundsCalculate confidence bands for lower and upper quartile
reiminkCalculate upper and lower concordia intercepts from...
run_detzrcrLaunch shiny interface
satkoski_1dCalculate 1d likeness of detrital zircon populations
satkoski_1d_matrixPairwise Satkoski likeness
satkoski_2dCalculate 2d (age and Lu-Hf) likeness of detrital zircon...
satkoski_2d_matrixPairwise 2d Satkoski likeness
tile_funcReady 1-O matrix for tile plot
tilingApply tile_func to vector
u238_u235_ratioAtomic ratio of 238U and 235U.
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