hf_lines: Produce CHUR and DM lines

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Calculate CHUR and DM lines used for epsilon-Hf vs. age and 176/177Hf vs. age plots.


hf_lines(range = c(0, 4560), plot_type = "ehf", constants)



range over which to calculate lines


'ehf' = epsilon-Hf; any thing else gives 176/177Hf


vector of constants which must be in the order decay constant 176Lu, 176/177Hf CHUR, 176Lu/177Hf CHUR, 176/177Hf DM and 176Lu/177Hf DM


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Soderlund, U., Jonathan Patchett, P., Vervoort, J.D. and Isachsen C.E. 2004. The 176Lu decay constant determined by Lu-Hf and U-Pb isotope systematics of Precambrian mafic intrusions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219, 311-324.

Bouvier, A., Vervoort, J.D. and Jonathan Patchett P. 2008. The Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of CHUR: Constraints from unequilibrated chondrites and implications for the bulk composition of terrestrial planets. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 273, 48-57.

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