Man pages for dimensio
Multivariate Data Analysis

bootstrapPartial Bootstrap Analysis
BootstrapCA-classBootstrap CA Results
BootstrapPCA-classBootstrap PCA Results
burtBurt Table
caCorrespondence Analysis
CA-classCA Results
cdtComplete Disjunctive Table
dimensio-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in dimensio
dimensio-packagedimensio: Multivariate Data Analysis
dimnamesDimnames of an Object
get_contributionsGet Contributions
get_coordinatesGet Coordinates
get_dataGet Original Data
get_distancesGet Distances
get_eigenvaluesGet Eigenvalues
loadingsExtract Loadings
mcaMultiple Correspondence Analysis
MCA-classMCA Results
MultivariateAnalysisOutput of Multivariate Data Analysis
MultivariateBootstrapOutput of Bootstrap Replications
MultivariateResultsMultivariate Data Analysis Results
MultivariateSummarySummary of Multivariate Data Analysis
pcaPrincipal Components Analysis
PCA-classPCA Results
predictPredict New Coordinates
preparePrepare Data for Plotting
prepare_legendBuild a Legend
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
screeplotScree Plot
subsetExtract Parts of an Object
summaryObject Summaries
svd2Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
tidyTidy Coordinates
viz_biplotBuild a Biplot
viz_contributionsVisualize Contributions and cos2
viz_individualsVisualize Individuals Factor Map
viz_pointsBuild a Factor Map
viz_variablesVisualize Variables Factor Map
viz_wrapPlot Envelopes
wrapWrap Observations
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